Jey Uso finally comments on The Rock going after Roman Reigns

Jey Uso had a few words for Roman Reigns vs. The Rock
Jey Uso had a few words for Roman Reigns vs. The Rock

Former Bloodline member Jey Uso shared his thoughts on the potential match between Roman Reigns and The Rock

The Brahma Bull returned to WWE on RAW: Day 1 where he teased going after his cousin who proclaims to be The Head of the Table. However, Reigns dusted off the Hollywood star's challenge with a laugh when asked about it.

Jey Uso, who is no stranger to standing across the ring from The Tribal Chief, noted in an interview with Sony Sports Network that he's ready to see the two megastars collide. The former SmackDown member added that it was going to be an uphill battle for Rock as Reigns is backed by The Bloodline.

"You know The Rock wanna be The Head of the Table, that's money, right? That’s a match I think we all wanna watch, I wanna watch as a fan too. I just don’t think The Rock knows what he’s getting into. When it comes to The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, he’s got The Bloodline behind him. Rock has a big uphill battle man. But yeah, we ready to see that."

Veteran wants Roman Reigns to pull double duty at WWE WrestleMania 40 against The Rock and Cody Rhodes

Fans have been salivating at the thought of Roman Reigns vs. The Rock ever since the former turned heel and formed The Bloodline. While the match couldn't take place for over three years due to some reason or the other, it seems like the WWE Universe will get the highly-anticipated showdown this year.

Reigns and Rock are two of the greatest WWE Superstars ever and it is expected that the potential match between them will take place at WrestleMania only. However, many are worried that this could affect Cody Rhodes and his story since his return to WWE.

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believed that WWE should only book the Samoan stars against each other if Rhodes also gets a shot at The Tribal Chief on Night 2.

As long as it's night one [The Rock vs. Roman Reigns], and Cody gets him on night two, yes [it's the right call]," he said.

The Brahma Bull has made it clear that he's just getting started. His return did some of the best numbers ever on social media, proving that he is still the megastar he used to be.

Roman Reigns, for now, is busy with AJ Styles, LA Knight and Randy Orton and will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against the three at Royal Rumble 2024.

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