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"It was working great!" - 22-year veteran criticizes WWE's decision to split The Hurt Business

Have Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander split from The Hurt Business split for good? (Credit: WWE)
Have Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander split from The Hurt Business for good? (Credit: WWE)
Modified 01 Apr 2021

Jimmy Korderas has spoken about WWE's apparent decision to break up The Hurt Business.

In a recent video from his 'Reffin Rant' series, the former WWE official was highly critical of the move, saying, "It was working great!" Korderas also complimented Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander - two members of The Hurt Business who were seemingly ousted from the group on Monday Night RAW.

Here's what Jimmy Korderas had to say about the implosion of The Hurt Business:

"It looks like The Hurt Business is no longer a faction anymore, with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander being separated from the group. I don’t like that, only for the reason because they were starting to feel their own, we were starting to get more prominence out of Shelton - who deserves it - and Cedric Alexander is a great talent. Bobby Lashley? We know what he’s capable of. With MVP being their spokesperson, their mouthpiece, the head of that figure, nice faction. It was working great!"
"I’m just worried both Shelton and Cedric will get lost in the shuffle if they are no longer a part of The Hurt Business. But this may be all a ruse, we don’t know!"

Time will tell as to whether Korderas' suspicions about The Hurt Business' break-up being a ruse are accurate. But it undoubtedly feels like WWE ended the faction when they were just getting off the ground as a unit.

Jimmy Korderas comments on Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn at WWE WrestleMania 37

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn is set for WrestleMania (Credit: WWE)
Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn is set for WrestleMania (Credit: WWE)

In another episode of Reffin Rant, Jimmy Korderas commented on the upcoming WrestleMania match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Korderas was overwhelmingly positive in his appreciation of the match and expects the two combatants to put on a good show.

"It must be a dream come true for these guys. Too bad it’s not for a title! But still, it must be amazing. Good luck guys!"

What do you make of Jimmy Korderas' comments? Will Benjamin and Alexander be lost in the shuffle, or are we all being fooled? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 21:03 IST
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