"I was sweating bullets"- John Cena was "very nervous" about match with former WWE Champion

John Cena shares honest thoughts on his match with Bray Wyatt
John Cena shares honest thoughts on his match with Bray Wyatt

John Cena recently stated that he enjoyed the Firefly Fun House match against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.

The stars kicked off a feud ahead of the event in 2020, leading to a unique one-of-a-kind battle at The Show of Shows. They faced off in a cinematic bout, dubbed the Firefly Fun House match. Wyatt was victorious over Cena that night.

While appearing at Comic-Con Wales, Cena answered a bunch of fan questions. Cena opened up about his Firefly Fun House match with Bray Wyatt and said he was pretty nervous about how the fans would react to the presentation.

"I think I really leaned into the creativity of what we are able to do. And as I get older I kind of got to rely on those tricks more. So, I really, really, really enjoyed the Firefly Fun House match. The fact that people didn't hate, which was great. I was very nervous. I was sweating bullets on that one. They didn't hate it and it only involved one punch. So I though that was pretty cool to express the creative side of stories like that," said Cena. [13:00-13:41]

John Cena has praised Bray Wyatt in the past

Cena was quite impressed with Bray Wyatt's work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 16-time world champion praised his WrestleMania 36 opponent for stepping up during that period and adapting to having no crowds.

Wyatt was thrilled with Cena's comments and had the following to say in response:

John is very much the type of person that you have to earn his respect. He doesn’t just give it – he’s very forward that way. Hearing that praise, for me and Seth Rollins, it’s a big deal, because like I said, John is a huge star. That’s a milestone for me and my legacy. That’s pretty neat.” [H/T First Sportz]

Wyatt noted John Cena's recent comments about the Firefly Fun House match and reacted with a 'like' on Twitter. Here's the tweet that he liked:

While he no longer works for the company, the star did quite well during his run. Wyatt won the WWE Championship on one occasion and the Universal title twice.

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