John Laurinaitis allegedly threatened to fire a former champion from WWE for wearing sweatpants

John Laurinaitis was the Head of Talent Relations in WWE
John Laurinaitis was the Head of Talent Relations in WWE

Former WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis allegedly threatened to fire a former champion from the company for wearing sweatpants to the office.

Tom Prichard had two runs as an active competitor in WWE, during which he won the Tag Team Championships once alongside Chris Candido (fka Skip). In 2007, the 63-year-old started working as a coach for the Stamford-based promotion. He spent nearly five years in the position before getting released from his contract.

Speaking to Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Prichard disclosed that he used to wear sweatpants to the office, which did not sit well with Laurinaitis.

"You know I had an office on the fourth floor, right? (...) I didn't belong on the fourth floor. I wore my sweatsuit, my sweatpants, my gym clothes, my workout stuff because I figured I was a coach. And then John Laurinaitis saw me one time, 'I need you to dress more professionally.' So that was on a Friday and I knew he was going be on the road on Monday so guess what I came in wearing on a Monday, my sweatpants," he said. [50:50 - 51:17]

Surprisingly for Prichard, Laurinaitis called the office that same day to ask what Prichard was wearing.

"He called the office to check and see what I was wearing. He really did. And Andrew Russo put the call in to me. He says you got to call one whatever else I picked up, 'hey Tommy, what are you wearing today?' [imitating Laurinaites], he goes, 'I can make it to where you could wear sweatpants every day if you want.' I said, 'no John, I understand.' And I lived right around the corner from the office so I went home and changed," he added. [51:17 - 51:45]

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Tom Prichard addresses WWE Hall of Famer Sunny's upcoming trial

During the same episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Tom Pichard also addressed Sunny's upcoming trial. Last March, The Hall of Famer was involved in a fatal car crash that resulted in the death of a 75-year-old man. She currently awaits trial on several charges.

Prichard disclosed that he believes Sunny "will not see the light of day" due to her record.

"I don't think she will see the light of day. If you look at her record, and I said this on a few interviews that something bad is gonna happen. And when you go to rehab, or you get sent away they tell you, it's jail, rehab, and death. There's no escape. And rehab is recovery. You never get out of recovery, you're always in recovery. And that's why you have to go to these meetings and have to keep your regiment up, because you have to change people, places, things, and she never did," Prichard explained. [22:04 - 22:44]
It would be real nice if the WWE showed Sunny more respect aka Tammy Sytch. She was good inside and out I hear #Wrestlemania #WWE

Dr. Tom Prichard recently commented on his issues with WWE. Check out his comments here.

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