Kayla Braxton sends heartfelt message to recently released WWE star

Kayla Braxton (Photo Courtesy: Kayla Braxton
Kayla Braxton (Photo Courtesy: Kayla Braxton's Instagram)

Kayla Braxton sent a heartfelt message to her former colleague in WWE, fangirling over him in the process.

Kevin Patrick's recent announcement that he will be the Lead Host for MLS 360 on Apple TV attracted the attention of several top names, including Bobby Lashley, Damian Priest, and Sheamus, among others. The WWE Superstars congratulated the man on his new job. Kayla has now taken to social media to do the same.

Check out her Instagram story below:

"Little appreciation post for this guy. Miss you but damn - look at this lad go!! I guess I'm gonna start being a real soccer fan now! Kev taught me what a pitch in soccer was," wrote Kayla Braxton.
Kayla Braxton's Instagram story
Kayla Braxton's Instagram story

After Kevin Patrick left the commentator's team, the company brought in Pat McAfee. Now, the latter and Michael Cole work for RAW on Monday night, while Corey Graves and Stu Bennett appear on SmackDown on Friday night.

When Kayla Braxton interviewed former WWE Champion Randy Orton

During one of Randy Orton's backstage interviews on SmackDown conducted by Kayla Braxton, there was a major issue the camera team had to deal with.

As noticed by a fan on social media, there is a big difference in their height. On X/Twitter, Kayla Braxton reacted to the same by sending out a witty message, revealing the height of herself and the first-ballot future WWE Hall of Famer:

"It’s true I’m 4’11.5 and Randy is 6’5. They could barely get us in the same shot!" wrote Braxton.

Kayla's recent message about cyberbullying pertaining to her personal life was remarkable. Several major names, including Baron Corbin, Chelsea Green, Maxxine Dupri, and Saraya (formerly Paige) took notice of the hate she was receiving for things that were beyond her control. Those in the pro-wrestling business showed support for her with comments on her post.

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