"Publicly come out and make an a** of herself" - WCW legend heavily criticizes female star for her controversial comments about Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Chris Benoit is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion

WCW legend Konnan has reacted to Jordynne Grace's recent tweet regarding Chris Benoit. The reigning IMPACT Knockouts Champion took to social media to make a bold statement.

In her tweet, Grace claimed that Benoit wouldn't be able to compete with the best wrestlers of the present era. The statement didn't sit well with a host of fans, who criticized the IMPACT Wrestling star.

"This is gonna be the coldest take I ever tweet on this app. I already know y’all gonna be mad. I don’t think Benoit could 100% hang with most of the present day best wrestlers. He would not be able to remember matches. Also may he burn in hell, amen," - Grace wrote.
Chris Benoit is one of the best technical wrestlers of his era. Period. Chris Benoit is also a murderer. Should he be remembered for his body of work despite how he ended his life? Does CTE play a factor? Or does his final act erase it all? It's a never ending debate.

Speaking on Keepin' It 100 OFFICIAL, Konnan went off on Grace. He also claimed that Benoit was one of the greatest wrestlers he ever worked with:

"I can't believe that she would publicly come out and make an a** of herself but that ain't the first time she's had stupid takes and you know, with age comes wisdom, you'll get here soon enough. Obviously, you know what the fu*k you are talking about. Benoit without a doubt, out of all the years, in all the dressing rooms, and all the people I've worked with, is one of the greatest performers I've ever seen. His passion was second to none, his intensity, his preparation was second to none, what do you mean he couldn't hang with nobody today bro? Ninety percent of the guys could not hang with him. That's bottom line because I work with them." - said Konnan [3:37-4:15]

WWE veteran Chavo Guerrero reacted to Jordynne Grace's tweet regarding Chris Benoit

Jordynne Grace's controversial tweet about Chris Benoit received a lot of responses from fans and veterans of the industry. One such veteran was Chavo Guerrero, who claimed that Grace lost a lot of credibility in wrestling due to her comments.

In a now-deleted tweet, he wrote:

"I think @JordynneGrace just lost a lot of wrestling credibility from some of her comments."
@The_Pap_Prince @_Alexis_Adams_ @mexwarrior @JordynneGrace Is it though? “I don’t think Benoit could 100% hang with most of the present day best wrestlers.”

During his time as an active competitor, Benoit competed against the likes of Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle. He has always been highly praised for his matches back in the Ruthless Aggression Era.

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