LA Knight feuding with 28-year-old top WWE Superstar after losing title match to Roman Reigns would help his development, says veteran

LA Knight lost to Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia
LA Knight lost to Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

Wrestling veteran Bin Hamin recently suggested that LA Knight feud with current WWE United States Champion Logan Paul.

Knight challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia earlier this month. However, he failed to dethrone The Tribal Chief. Earlier that night, Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to capture the United States Championship.

Speaking about how the Stamford-based company could continue building Knight despite his defeat against Reigns, Bin Hamin suggested on the Smackdown/RAW Review Show that The Megastar feud with The Maverick:

"I just go to my Rip Rogers mindset of 'belts are for guys who can't get over with character.' So, yeah, sometimes a belt in the storyline means something, but a Miss Elizabeth and Macho Man with George 'The Animal' Steel in a kidnapping, you know what I mean, in a beauty and the beast angle, has its own draw. It doesn't need any belt attached to it as well," he said.

The wrestling veteran added:

"So, using those parameters now, yeah, LA Knight jumped over that, you know, U.S. or Intercontinental Title phase, and he's probably going to come back down to that. But what is the personal story that we are gonna advance business and storyline with going forward out of that? I think Logan Paul's a good thing to mix him in there, where they're gonna pop big for the segment. They have them both in there and you can do the whole LA Hollywood-influencer stuff out of that." [4:44 - 5:35]

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Top WWE Superstar recently praised Logan Paul

Logan Paul kicked off his wrestling career last year. He has since competed in several matches, including an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns.

The United States Champion was praised by many fans, superstars, and experts for his performance inside the squared circle, including Cody Rhodes. Speaking on Gabby AF, The American Nightmare claimed "pretend wrestlers" are irritated by Paul's success in WWE:

"There are some what I call 'pretend wrestlers' in all companies all across the world and I think he probably irritates them the most because brother is an absolutely stellar professional wrestler, absolutely stellar. And he's the greatest rookie year of all time. Perhaps he is blazing forward. So, I look forward to what he does," he said.

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