"Let's make that happen finally" - 5-time champion seeking to end Gunther's title reign at WWE SummerSlam

Gunther has a massive new challenger on WWE RAW
Gunther has a massive new challenger on WWE RAW

Gunther may have soundly defeated Matt Riddle at Money in the Bank, but a former WWE Champion how now arrived on the scene.

Drew McIntyre's return sent shockwaves across the live crowd in The O2 Arena, as well as the WWE Universe all over. The Scotsman wasted little time in establishing his reason for return.

During an appearance on WWE's The Bump, Drew spoke highly of The Ring General, who he believes brought newfound prestige to the Intercontinental Championship that was lost in the past decade:

"He's [Gunther] certainly raised the prestige. 100%," McIntyre began. "The Intercontinental Championship is where it should be. It's where it used to be when I was growing up. I can't remember it being at this level for a long, long time. When I won the [belt] in 09, it still had prestige. But somewhere along the way, it slipped. We don't need to get into the ins and outs of why that happened, but I saw Gunther's development since I saw him when I was outside of WWE. The first time I saw him in Germany, I said, 'that guy has got something.'" [58:56 - 59:26]

Further saying that he hopes to take out Imperium alongside Matt Riddle next week on RAW, The Scottish Warrior concluded by singling out Gunther's achievement over the past year in the Stamford-based promotion.

However, the 38-year-old also added that he is finally looking to win a title in front of a live crowd:

"Presently, Drew McIntyre is back. If you're heading to a WWE show, and Drew McIntyre is there, you know you're gonna get a 110%. Finally, I'm chasing that big moment with a title in front of live fans, so let's make that happen finally," McIntyre said. [1:03:16 - 1:03:32]

The Scotsman claimed that it is going to be an exciting few months with the level of talent involved on the red brand.

Gunther believes Drew McIntyre's former WWE tag team partner is the "ideal opposite" for him

Drew McIntyre returning to RAW also opens the door for future showdowns with Seth Rollins as well as his former tag team partner Cody Rhodes. The duo held the WWE Tag Team Championship back in 2010.

Gunther recently spoke about Rhodes during an interview on My Love Letter To Wrestling, where he stated that he and The American Nightmare are destined to fight a couple of times in the coming years:

"I think it was super cool to add a little something at the top of it at the end of that match," Gunther said on being the runner-up at the 2023 Royal Rumble. "In general, I think Cody is someone who is maybe my ideal opposite right now. Going forward, it's going to be a match that... I'm very confident we're going to do that match a couple of times in the next years."

You can check out a large section of the fanbase clamoring for a feud between Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes here.

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