Mia Yim pushes for WWE to rehire recently released star

Mia Yim (Michin) has made an interesting request. [Photos: Mia Yim
Mia Yim (Michin) has made an interesting request. [Photos: Mia Yim's Instagram]

WWE star Mia Yim is hoping that the company will bring back a 48-year-old veteran. The promotion released a bunch of talent following the merger with Endeavor last September.

Shelton Benjamin was among the bigger names let go by the company. Following his release, All Elite Wrestling star Max Caster claimed that he did not want the veteran in the promotion.

Mia Yim and Benjamin have had a humorous friendship over the years, and she claimed today that she hopes the company hires him back so she no longer has to babysit Cedric Alexander.

"BRING HIM BACK PLEASE!!! IM TIRED OF BABYSITTING @CedricAlexander !!!!" she wrote.

The former Intercontinental Champion has been active on the independent wrestling scene following his WWE departure. He recently lost to Man Like DeReiss in the Super Strong Style 16 Tournament for PROGRESS Wrestling.

Shelton Benjamin shares he would be open to WWE return

Shelton Benjamin recently stated that he would "be a fool" not to accept an offer to return to the company.

In an interview with Daily Star, Benjamin disclosed that he would return to the company if given the opportunity. He noted that the promotion is the biggest wrestling company on the planet and is a marketing machine.

"I think I’d be a fool not to look at the opportunity again if they ask me to come back. I would definitely go back. I think you’d be a fool not to; they’re the biggest company in the world. You get the most exposure, you can really build your own personal brand there. WWE is a marketing machine. Most people think of WWE as a wrestling company; I think of it as a marketing company. If you get a chance to go there, I say to anyone: go. If you’ve been there and came back, go back," he said.

You can check out the full interview in the video below:


Shawn Michaels has said in the past that there is a spot waiting for Shelton Benjamin in the Hall of Fame when he retires. Only time will tell if the veteran ever gets the chance to return to the promotion.

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