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NXT UK Results - NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament begins; WALTER and Pete Dunne confrontation (1st October 2020)

This week
This week's edition of NXT UK saw the beginning of the NXT UK British Heritage Cup Tournament
Modified 02 Oct 2020

Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness welcomed fans to the latest edition of NXT UK, which included the first round of the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament at BT Sport Studios in London, England.

#1. Kenny Williams vs. Ashton Smith vs. Amir Jordan (Triple Threat NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Wildcard qualifying match)

Amir Jordan's appearance in this match surprised his tag team partner Kenny Williams before the match began.

Both tag team partners removed Ashton Smith from the ring before they faced off one-on-one in the middle of the ring, exchanging near falls in the process. However, Ashton Smith wasn't out of the ring for long. Smith levelled both of his opponents with a stiff double clothesline.

Kenny Williams attempted a roll up on Amir Jordan for a two count. Afterwards, Jordan asked his tag team partner why he attempted to pin him, they are tag team partners after all!

Kenny Williams attempted to dive onto Ashton Smith but was caught in mid-air by Smith. However, Amir Jordan hit a suicide dive onto both competitors which sent them both to the floor.

Kenny Williams hit a springboard reverse elbow onto Ashton Smith who was set up in a powerbomb position by Amir Jordan.

Ashton Smith fought back against his two opponents, who utilised their tag team maneuverers against him. Ashton Smith hit a blue thunder bomb on Kenny Williams for a close two count.


Amir Jordan hit a roll through flatliner on Ashton Smith for a close two count of his own. Then, Kenny Williams went for a springboard crossbody onto Ashton Smith but was caught in mid-air. But, Williams transitioned into a hurricanrana for another close two count.

Ashton Smith decided enough was enough and used his raw power to hit Kenny Williams with a version of a death valley driver. But, the pin fall attempt was broken up by Amir Jordan who hit a Swanton Bomb onto Smith for another two count.

Ashton Smith superkicked Amir Jordan out of the ring but then turned into a beautiful tornado DDT by Kenny Williams, who then rolled up Smith to gain the victory and qualify for the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament.

Result: Kenny Williams def. Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan


Post-match: We saw a vignette with "The Teacher" Eddie Dennis. Dennis spoke about adapting to the constantly evolving NXT UK. Dennis said that his mind is a machine, but like a hadron collider, you just can't understand it.

We then revisited earlier this year when Mark Andrews was mysteriously attacked backstage. We are still yet to discover the mystery attacker of Andrews.

Earlier Today: Flash Morgan Webster spoke about his excitement of participating in the NXT UK Heritage Cup.

#2. Xia Brookside vs. Jinny

Jinny talked smack to Xia Brookside before both competitors locked up in this match on NXT UK. Jinny also reminded Brookside that she has already beaten her twice in their previous matches.

Brookside floored Jinny early on with a nice dropkick. But, Jinny quickly regained control and talked more smack in the process. Jinny grated Xia Brookside's face across the top rope. But, Brookside responded with a nice hurricanrana.


Brookside attempted two monkey flips, but she didn't fully catch all of either attempt. Xia then locked in an Indian death lock onto her opponent, but Jinny was able to fight out.

Xia Brookside argued with the referee, which allowed Jinny to hit a vicious forearm shot for a two count.

Brookside took down Jinny with a beautiful head-scissors followed by knees to the back of her opponent against the turnbuckles. Jinny grabbed a handful of hair and whiplashed Xia's head over the top rope. Jinny then locked in a version of an STF for the submission victory over Xia Brookside on NXT UK.

Result: Jinny def. Xia Brookside via submission


Post-match: Jinny said she has been playing nice for far too long in NXT UK. She reminded the NXT UK Universe that they haven't seen the best of her yet. Jinny tells the audience to bow down as The Queen of NXT UK makes history.

A vignette aired for A-Kid ahead of his NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament first round match against Flash Morgan Webster next week on NXT UK.

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Published 02 Oct 2020, 02:24 IST
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