"I was just as shocked as anyone" - Raquel Rodriguez reacts to help from unlikely WWE Superstar on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown star Raquel Rodriguez
WWE SmackDown Star Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez got some unexpected help from Shotzi following her match against Bayley on this week's episode of WWE SmackDown.

Aliyah and Raquel captured the Women's Tag Team Championships. Their title reign was a short one, as they dropped the titles to IYO SKY & Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL on Monday's episode of RAW.

Before Bayley's match against Raquel, Damage CTRL mocked Aliyah in a promo. Raquel responded and vowed to avenge her tag team partner. She appeared to be in control of the match, but the numbers game caught up to her.

Dakota and IYO provided distractions, and eventually, The Role Model capitalized with the Rose Plant for the pinfall victory. Damage CTRL continued to attack Rodriguez after the match, but Shotzi came to her aid.

Raquel was interviewed after WWE SmackDown and commented on Shotzi helping her against Damage CTRL.

"I will admit that tonight I let my feelings have the better of me. And yes, I did seek revenge against Damage CTRL, but did you hear what they said about me and my partner? Listen, after the match I was just as shocked as anyone to see Shotzi come to my rescue. I don't know if I should approach her. I really don't know how I should take this," said Raquel. (00:16 - 00:36)

She added that tonight is not the end of her rivalry with Damage CTRL in WWE.

"But I will say this, tonight is not the end of Raquel and Damage CTRL. I am coming for them, and whether they like it or not, Aliyah will be back. And we will get those titles back in our hands." (00:37 - 00:50)
Whilst coming up short against @itsBayleyWWE, @RaquelWWE states that she was as surprised as anyone when Shotzi came to her aid and vows that isn’t the end of her troubles with #DamageCTRL. #SmackDown

Raquel Rodriguez on how the women in WWE feel after Triple H took over creative

WWE has seen a seismic shift at the top of the company this year. With Triple H as the company's Chief Content Officer, things have changed and the women's division is getting more focused.

Raquel spoke with TMZ Sports recently and stated that there is comfort in working with Triple H because she came up with him in NXT.

"I know I can vouch for probably most of the women on the roster who are just excited about the possibilities of having more match time, new opponents, really mixing it up on the roster, and really getting the unexpected. I think also coming up to NXT with him, there’s more of a comfortability with us of being able to approach him in that sense and bring up our ideas if we do have any."
Raquel Rodriguez says the women’s roster is excited about Triple H leading creative 💯

It will be interesting to see how Shotzi factors into the feud between Raquel, Aliyah, and Damage CTRL moving forward.

Do you want to see Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez capture the WWE Women's Tag Team championships again? Let us know in the comments section below.

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