Released WWE Superstar reveals scrapped plans to reform popular stable to challenge Imperium

Imperium is a dominant faction on RAW.
Imperium is a dominant faction on RAW.

A former WWE Superstar has detailed scrapped plans to reform a popular stable to feud with Imperium.

Alexander Wolfe spent several years in WWE and was a part of two popular factions. He spent 2015-2019 in SAnitY alongside Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross. The group arrived on WWE's main roster in 2018, but the company didn't have much planned for them.

After SAnitY broke up, Alexander Wolfe joined the Imperium faction in NXT UK. He spent a couple of years in Imperium before being released by the company in June 2021. In an interview with Bryan Asbury on Developmentally Speaking, Alexander Wolfe disclosed that he was supposed to join SAnitY again and have a rivalry with Imperium.

"We became the strong force in NXT UK as Imperium. The plan later was that they would separate me from Imperium because I would be the weak link, because I would challenge anybody without asking Walter (Gunther), would lose, and would make the group look bad. So then in that time also, they would reform SAnitY with Big Damo (Killian Dain) and Eric Young. They would win the NXT Tag Team gold, and in that case, they would go into a feud with Imperium and I would join SAnitY again," said Alexander Wolfe. [From 22:32 - 23:27]

Wolfe noted that the plans were scrapped once the pandemic hit and Eric Young was released by the company.

"We would reform SAnitY and then we're able to have a feud against Imperium, and then we will go back to the US NXT. But then the pandemic hit, and EY (Eric Young) got released, so they could not fulfill this vision of creative. So, unfortunately, it never happened," added Wolfe. [From 23:27 - 23:45]

Alexander Wolfe believes SAnitY should have spent more time in WWE NXT

Alexander Wolfe claims that SAnitY would have benefited from more time in WWE NXT before being called up to the main roster.

Speaking on Developmentally Speaking, the 36-year-old former WWE star stated that SAnitY should have spent more time in NXT to develop their characters. Alexander Wolfe added that he never found out the real reason why the company didn't have anything planned for them on the main roster.

"My opinion, we should have been one or two years longer in NXT to develop more of the characters and everything. To have more TakeOver appearances and everything, because there were a lot of stories have been told. It felt a little bit rushed with the time of the call-up, and apparently, we hear they had plans for us. Then they had some other things scheduled, and they kind of like, did not have any use for us at all. We don't know why. I never heard from Vince (McMahon) in person or from Hunter (Triple H) in person," said Alexander Wolfe. [From 21:17 - 21:53]

Former SAnitY member Eric Young recently exited WWE to return to IMPACT Wrestling. There have also been rumors that the company doesn't have any plans for Nikki Cross at the moment as well.

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