Scott Steiner explains why he stole WWE legend's wrestling boots (Exclusive)

2022 WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner
2022 WWE Hall of Famer Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner recently shed light on why he once hid Road Warrior Animal's boots moments before the WWE legend competed in a match.

Steiner wrestled for WCW and WWE in a wrestling career spanning over three decades. The 61-year-old appeared in several other promotions, including IMPACT/TNA and the NWA.

In an interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter and Dr. Chris Featherstone, Steiner said he played a prank on Animal to expose his out-of-proportion calves:

"One time I stole his boots because he had small calves, so I kept them about 10 minutes before his ring match. He was all nervous. We always made fun of his calves because everything else was so big. A little out of proportion, you know, but both those guys [The Road Warriors] were great, man. Yeah, [gave boots back] five minutes before his match." [1:40 – 2:06]

Watch the video above to hear Steiner discuss several wrestling topics, including the possible future of his nephew, Bron Breakker, in WWE.

Scott Steiner reveals his toughest opponents

In the 1980s and 1990s, Rick and Scott Steiner had a reputation for being one of the hardest-hitting tag teams in the wrestling industry.

Asked about their toughest rivals, two duos came to Steiner's mind:

"Man, we wrestled everybody. Road Warriors [Animal and Hawk]. Doom [Butch Reed and Ron Simmons]. Everybody was tough." [0:55 – 1:00]

Steiner also praised The Road Warriors for popularizing a physical style of tag team wrestling:

"They were a great tag team. They were huge before I was. I remember watching them on TV when I was in college. Actually, my brother met them up in Verne Gagne's camp. They were good guys. Unfortunate that they're both gone. I liked those guys." [1:13 – 1:34]

In the same interview, Steiner gave some brutally honest advice to any out-of-shape wrestlers in the business today.

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