Seth Rollins shares details about vomiting at WWE Extreme Rules

Seth Rollins at WWE Extreme Rules
Seth Rollins at WWE Extreme Rules
Kishan Prasad
Modified 21 Jul 2020

A couple of nights back, at WWE Extreme Rules, Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio squared up in an Eye For An Eye Match. The match ended when Seth Rollins pulled Mysterio's eye out of its socket.

In one of the most barbaric matches, The Monday Night Messiah made his way to the ring with a set of pliers, hinting that he would use it to win the match. During their match, Mysterio and Seth Rollins used all objects in sight to pull out each other's eye.

In the end, Seth Rollins drove Rey Mysterio eye first into the steel steps. Rollins was unaware of the fact that his opponent's eye had popped out of its socket and went ahead to attack him further. When The Monday Night Messiah witnessed Mysterio holding his eye, he was taken aback and vomited at ringside.

Seth Rollins talks about WWE Extreme Rules

On this week's episode of WWE RAW, Seth Rollins addressed his actions to the WWE Universe before his match with Aleister Black. After the show ended, The Monday Night Messiah made an appearance on WWE RAW Talk.

On the show, R-Truth asked Seth Rollins a series of questions about his match at WWE Extreme Rules. When he reminded Rollins that he had vomited after winning the match, Rollins agreed that it was a gruesome image that he will never forget.

"I wasn't prepared for the visual aspect and it truly made me sick to my stomach. However, I had to win, which is my job to do at all costs."

Before the match at WWE Extreme Rules took place, Seth Rollins admitted that he was confused and upset about Rey Mysterio putting the two competitors in such a spot. Rollins also addressed the WWE Universe's concerns stating that he wasn't the one to be blamed. If the WWE Universe wants to point the finger at someone, it must do so at Rey Mysterio for choosing such a stipulation.

Rey Mysterio's status with the WWE is still up in the air after WWE Extreme Rules, but WWE seems to have a backup plan in place for Seth Rollins.

Published 21 Jul 2020
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