"Nobody got hurt" - Shotzi addresses several botches from the Money in the Bank ladder match

It was a rough night for Shotzi at Money in the Bank on Saturday.
It was a rough night for Shotzi at Money in the Bank on Saturday.

WWE Superstar Shotzi has responded back to her critics after Saturday night's performance at Money in the Bank.

The Women's Money in the Bank ladder match opened the premium live event, which saw fan-favorite Liv Morgan retrieve the briefcase. While most of the WWE Universe was just happy about the result, there were many critics online who used this match as an opportunity to bury the former NXT Tag Team Champion instead, who performed a few unfortunate botches during the match itself.

Shotzi didn't take too kindly to the voices calling for her to lose her job this weekend after her performance in the Ladder match and responded back at those people today on social media. Tweeting out:

"There are 3 things I care about at the end of a match. Is everyone safe? Did everyone have fun? Did the crowd react? Nobody got hurt. We all had a blast and the Vegas crowd was HotHotHot! I felt on top of the world after that match and was so excited to finally have my first hardcore match in over a year. I wouldn't have done anything I didn't practice or thought I couldn't do safely. But I'm not a wrestle robot, I'm human and slips happen especially in a CHAOTIC UNPREDICTABLE ladder match! I can take a joke and laugh at myself (One of the first things I said was "I can't wait to see that spot on botchamania") but comments like "you should be fired" and other terrible things admittedly hit hard. I had to have a few friends wipe the tears off my face and slap some sense into me and remind me WHO THE F I AM! That being said, all my haters can SUCK MY BIG GIANT HAIRY MANGOS!" Shotzi said in a tweet.
Happy 4th suckers! 🥭

Shotzi made fun of Chris Jericho's cage bump at last year's AEW Blood & Guts match

While Shotzi's explanation makes perfect sense, many fans are bringing up the fact that the WWE Superstar made fun of Chris Jericho's fall off the cage at last year's Blood & Guts match on AEW Dynamite.

She was asked about that tweet last year by Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT

“I meant no offense to Chris Jericho. I thought, honestly, the match was great. But, you know what… like, take a joke, Take a joke, bud! [laughs]. It’s just a GIF,” she stated. “Laugh at it and move on. It’s live TV. Things happen, it’s pro wrestling. Don’t take life too seriously is all I have to say.”

While there were some botched parts of the match on Saturday night, no one got hurt, and the majority of the WWE Universe was happy about the outcome. Professional wrestling can't always be perfect, and mistakes can happen inside the ring. That's something fans could use to remember going forward.

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