"Sit your overrated a** down" - WWE fans mock Roman Reigns' major claim following Night of Champions betrayal

Roman Reigns suffered a major loss at WWE Night of Champions.
Roman Reigns suffered a major loss at WWE Night of Champions.

WWE fans fired shots at Roman Reigns' recent claim about going through tough times and being the best in the world following his 1,000-day title reign and betrayal by Jimmy Uso at Night of Champions.

Reigns began his legendary stint as a champion after taking down Braun Strowman and Bray "The Fiend" Wyatt in a triple-threat match at Payback 2020.

On his path to reaching 1,000 days as champion, Roman has smashed the best in WWE, including Edge, Bryan Danielson, Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, John Cena, and others.

However, The Tribal Chief's climbing the ladder of success was impossible without The Usos. He won most of the matches with Jimmy and Jey in his corner, and last year Solo Sikoa joined to prove his loyalty to The Bloodline.

The Head of the Table made The Usos do all his dirty work with much disrespect, humiliation, and manipulation. But after over two years, the wrestling world witnessed the implosion of The Bloodline when Jimmy Uso finally snapped and super-kicked Reigns in Saudi Arabia.

Following Jimmy's betrayal and becoming a 1,000-day champion, Roman Reigns broke his silence and told the fans he was the best in the world, even after difficult moments.

However, WWE fans turned their back on The Tribal Chief's major claim and asserted that the cracks in The Bloodline resulted from his own karma.

One fan told Reigns that he is not even close to being the best and should stop claiming that fact. Check out the uncensored tweet here.

An angry fan taking shots at Reigns.
An angry fan taking shots at Reigns.

Another wrestling fan shared that The Bloodline storyline was getting old and the company should move ahead with something new.

A WWE fan mocked Roman Reigns, stating that his cousins The Usos don't "acknowledge" him.

Other fans pointed out the downfall of The Bloodline and said that WWE is a scripted show.

Shinsuke Nakamura supposedly took shots at Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins on WWE RAW

Last week on RAW, Shinsuke Nakamura competed in a Money in the Bank qualifying match against the overpowering Bronson Reed. He delivered a stunning Kinshasa to defeat Reed and clinch the bout.

During a backstage interview with Cathy Kelly, The King of Strong Style overwhelmingly stated that he would go to any length to obtain the MITB briefcase and possibly cash it in on either Roman Reigns or Seth "Freakin" Rollins.

"WWE changed my life a lot. This opportunity, Money in the Bank ladder match is gonna change my life again. This is the first step to the World Championship. I came to WWE to be the World Champion. I've never forgotten that. I will be World Champion anyhow using Money in the Bank briefcase," Nakamura said.

Check out the full video below:


Money in the Bank is slated to be in London, United Kingdom, on July 1. The Tribal Chief and The Visionary must be on high alert against any WWE Superstar trying to cash in the MITB contract on them.

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