"That's good news for her" - Eric Bischoff comments on WWE removing three title reigns from Charlotte Flair's record

Charlotte Flair and Eric Bischoff.
Charlotte Flair and Eric Bischoff.

To say that Charlotte Flair had an eventful week would be an understatement. The Queen won the WWE RAW Women's Championship at Money in the Bank before she successfully defended it a night later on RAW. But after her victory, she immediately lost the gold to Nikki A.S.H.

As noted during her promo on RAW, Charlotte Flair is now recognized as an 11-time Women's Champion, despite previously having a total tally of 14 reigns, including the NXT Women's and WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.

While the NXT Women's Championship is no longer considered a world title, the Women's Tag Team belt has also been taken out of Flair's tally.

During the latest episode of the "For The Heat" radio show with Conrad Thompson, Eric Bischoff commented on WWE's decision to remove a few reigns from Charlotte Flair's record and explained why it's a good thing for the Queen.

"Well, I get that, though," said Bischoff. "I get it a lot. And if I'm Charlotte Flair, I'm smiling all the way to the Bank. (Do) you know what I mean? (laughs). Talk about job security. If somebody makes the conscious decision, 'Oh you know, she is already at 14. We've got a couple more before we hit 16. How can we make more money doing that?' Ha, ha! I like that! If I'm Charlotte Flair's money-manager, I am smiling. That's good news for her."

Following the company's alteration, Charlotte Flair now needs six more reigns to break the all-time record of 16 world title wins, currently shared by Ric Flair and John Cena. Bischoff felt that taking a few reigns off of Charlotte's résumé has given WWE more time to explore the championship storyline involving her legendary father and the Cenation leader.

Bischoff explained that Charlotte has the most to gain financially from WWE's decision as she has to be a constant presence in the main event scene to accommodate her future title accomplishments.

Eric Bischoff on the crowd reactions Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley's match

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in WWE
Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley in WWE

Charlotte Flair gets a lot of heat for being in the title picture more often than not, and the fans at Money in the Bank were quite hostile towards the star before her title match against Rhea Ripley.

Ripley and Flair's performance eventually won the audience over, as the crowd was chanting "This is Awesome" by the end of the match. Despite being a heel, Flair even got a standing ovation after she captured the RAW Women's title.

Bischoff complimented the effort and noted that only a true master of the game could turn an arena full of boos into cheers.

"You've got, out of the 15,000, probably 12,000 people booing you or just not happy to see you, and to be able to turn that around in a match that probably lasted 15 minutes, that's talent," Bischoff added. "That's a master of the art right there. Good for her."


Charlotte Flair's official championship record currently has five reigns, each with the RAW and SmackDown Women's titles, respectively, and one solitary run with the Divas Championship.

The 11-time women's champion is still in her prime at 35 years old, and fans should not expect to see her away from the title landscape anytime soon.

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