The Undertaker and Mark Henry say fans 'need' Gunther

Gunther is the 2024 King of the Ring (Credit: WWE)
Gunther is the 2024 King of the Ring (Credit: WWE)

Gunther managed to put down Randy Orton for a three count at WWE King and Queen of the Ring to win the tournament final. As a result, The Ring General is guaranteed a world championship shot at this year's SummerSlam.

His bout against The Legend Killer was praised for its physicality, which has become a norm when it comes to the Imperium leader's matches. WWE Hall of Famers The Undertaker and Mark Henry recently discussed the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion.

Speaking on the Six Feet Under podcast, both legends claimed that fans need Gunther today because of his style of wrestling. They feel he is a rare specimen, whom the audience can watch and suspend disbelief:

"He's [Gunther] a throwback, yeah," Henry approved The Undertaker's comment. "And I liked him when he was bigger. I don't care that he's got, you can see abs and stuff. He's a big tough believable human. [...] Currently, when I'm thinking like, they say, 'Listen man, show me a man in wrestling today,' I have to say Gunther. He looks like he will punch you in the face as talk to you." [From 1:31:09 onwards]

When co-host Matt Lyda asked the WWE Hall of Famers if fans are getting the itch to witness that particular style of wrestling that the Austrian brings to the table, they both agreed in unison that it's not a matter of want but need:

"They need it," both of them said. Henry added, "It ain't a question of want."

The two behemoths also praised Gunther vs. Sheamus, which was the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament. Interestingly, the Irishman revealed post-match that it is also the final chapter in their rivalry.

Henry felt that the bout could have been reserved for a WWE premium live event. He also spoke about his former rival Sheamus, who according to him, worked really well as a babyface in that match.

Triple H teases sequel to Gunther vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton was battered inside Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia by The Ring General, but he technically did not lose clean. The closing moments of the bout saw The Viper hit an RKO on Gunther and subsequently went for a pin, only for the latter to kick out. The former Intercontinental Champion then caught Orton with the deciding crucifix pin.

The 14-time WWE World Champion's left shoulder was up, and the commentary team brought it up immediately afterward. Later, during a backstage interview, Triple H claimed that the two men could lock horns again, but informed that it wouldn't happen immediately as Orton's banged up.

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