The Undertaker gives his honest thoughts on being inducted into the Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon

The Undertaker and Vince Mcmahon are friends outside WWE
The Undertaker and Vince Mcmahon are friends outside WWE

WWE legend The Undertaker has spoken up about being inducted into the Hall of Fame by Vince McMahon.

It's not often that the WWE Chairman is on stage to induct a superstar into the prestigious class. The last time Vince did so was in 2009 when he inducted Stone Cold Steve Austin into the WWE Hall of Fame.

But considering the fact that The Undertaker is almost synonymous with WWE, it's not much of a surprise that McMahon has chosen to do the honors for the third time in history.

The Phenom was recently in conversation with CBS Sports' Shakiel Mahjouri, and he explained that his relationship with Vince McMahon is much more than that of a boss and employee:

"How else could it be? I mean, it's such an honor," said The Undertaker. "You know, we have gone, our relationship has gone on from boss-employee to friends. I mean, he's been like a father figure to me, a brother, a friend. I mean, our relationship has kind of grown outside of the realm of WWE. More times than not, when there has to be something just business-wise, it's someone other than Vince that I've discussed it with." (02:49)

The Undertaker also revealed that he wanted Vince McMahon to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame from the very first moment after he got the call.

"We text and call each other and talk about the most obscure things at this point, and that's really cool, but when I got the call that they wanted to induct me, there was nobody else that I could think of that I wanted to induct me more than Vince," he continued. "Put it this way, he brought me in and he'll take me out. So that's pretty cool." (03:28)

The Great Khali congratulates The Undertaker on his Hall of Fame induction

Former WWE Superstar The Great Khali commended The Phenom ahead of his Hall of Fame induction.

The Great Khali and the master of the Tombstone were once rivals in the ring, but nowadays they respect each other. During an interview with WWE India's Gaelyn Mendonca, The Great Khali called The Undertaker "a legend" and stated that the latter's dedication is unmatched:

"It was long overdue, and now that it's finally happening, I would like to congratulate him," said The Great Khali. "It's common knowledge about how great a performer he is, his unparralled dedication, he's a legend. So yes, congratulations again."

The Deadman spent an incredible 30 years in WWE. He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 38.

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