WWE Superstar mocks John Cena at live event

John Cena is set to return to WWE later this month!
John Cena is set to return to WWE later this month!
Nishant Jayaram

WWE Superstar Theory mocked John Cena by wearing the 16-time world champion's t-shirt at a live event while potentially challenging the legend to a match.

Theory, the current WWE United States Champion, expressed his desire to face Cena soon. The RAW star also disclosed the influence Cena had on him in his younger years.

Ahead of a live event, Theory was wearing Cena's 'Word Life' t-shirt before the video transitioned him onto the ramp. He uttered, 'Right here, all day,' which could be a message to Cena that he's ready to face him anytime in the future.

Theory has been the US Champion since April, defeating Finn Balor to win the title. He successfully defended the title at Hell in a Cell in a match against Mustafa Ali and now seems to be in a feud with Bobby Lashley.

John Cena and Theory have dropped several hints about their meeting in the WWE ring

Various reports have stated that Cena could be Theory's opponent at this year's SummerSlam:

"Cena returns on the 6/27 Raw show in Laredo, TX. While this has not been confirmed to us by the company, the talk in wrestling is that it will be Cena vs. Theory at SummerSlam with the idea that working with Cena will bring Theory up to a higher level."

John Cena recently said Theory was his favorite current WWE Superstar. He also posted a picture of the US Championship being stepped on. Theory has also taken shots at the 16-time world champion on social media.

Cena will return to WWE on June 27 on RAW to celebrate 20 years in the company. It could be the perfect place for the Theory-Cena feud to begin.

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