"Vince will love firing them" - Twitter reacts to Triple H possibly bringing back former WWE tag team champions after three-year hiatus

Triple H is in discussions for a major return
Triple H is in discussions for a major return

Triple H brought a number of stars back to WWE, whom Vince McMahon had initially released. The latter is back as the Executive Chairman, but The Game is intent on bolstering the roster with previously released wrestlers.

The Authors of Pain is reportedly in discussions with WWE regarding a potential return to the company, according to Fightful Select. This would mark their return after three years, as they were released in early 2020. Their manager Paul Ellering is reported to be involved in the discussions as well.

Akam and Rezar made their WWE debut in 2016 on NXT. They won the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament, defeating TM-61 in the final at the NXT TakeOver: Toronto event. Soon after, they defeated DIY to become the NXT Tag Team Champions.

They made their main roster debut on RAW in April 2018. By November, they were the RAW tag team champions after defeating Seth Rollins in a handicap match. However, they dropped the titles after 35 days to Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

Fans had varying opinions on the news of Triple H potentially bringing AOP back.

Per Fightful: WWE have discussed a potential return for Authors Of Pain alongside Paul Ellering! #WWE
@DakotaKaiEra An actual good potential signing from Triple H
@DakotaKaiEra I forgot about these guys
@DakotaKaiEra Now I want this faction back
@DakotaKaiEra But why? The whole “we are intimidating and angry” gimmic is overused and these were a good example of that. No one else wanted them. Why does wwe
@DakotaKaiEra They didn't do anything of note the last time they was there lol
@DakotaKaiEra Hopfully they come back and they do something important they where important in nxt but on the main roster they where mostly forgotten
@DakotaKaiEra won't believe that until I see it. I know they're from the HHH era of NXT but until Usos drop those belts...
@DakotaKaiEra they was so good in NXT kinda flopped on the main roster maybe it’ll be different this time
@DakotaKaiEra They need to bring them back to click up with santos and @ZelinaVegaWWE
@DakotaKaiEra Who will then lose in the first round of a tag team tournament
@DakotaKaiEra Never understood why Vince separated them in the first place smh
@WrestlePurists @FightfulSelect Trips trying to rebuild tag division. Adorable. Vince will love firing them all.

WWE veteran has issues with how Triple H has booked RAW XXX

Former WWE Head Writer Vince Russo recently explained his issues with Triple H's booking of RAW XXX. The veteran said that booking a show to pop a rating is pointless if it doesn't benefit future shows.

"You know what I don't understand. This really bothers me. I would have never ever ever done that when I was writing. They are looking at a special show completely different from how I look at a special show like this. They are looking at popping a number. Bro, what difference does it make if you pop a number that night and get back right where you were the following week? I don't understand that logic," said Vince Russo.

He then explained how he used to book the shows.

"My whole thing was when we knew we were gonna do a big show, the idea was, you need to put together a great show from start to finish so that people who watch the anniversary show, you'll hook them to come back next. And the week after that and the week after that," added Russo. (2:40 - 3:38)

RAW XXX is set to be a huge event with a number of legends set to appear.

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