"What?! you're supposed to do that after" - WWE RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair reveals her unusual pre-big match ritual

Bianca Belair has an unusual ritual ahead of big matches
Bianca Belair has an unusual ritual ahead of big matches

WWE RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair recently spoke about her rituals ahead of performing in big matches.

The EST of WWE has competed in several big matches over the past few years. Last year, for example, she main-evented WrestleMania with Sasha Banks. She also defended her title against Becky Lynch at the Show of Shows earlier this year.

Next Saturday, Belair has another big match as she teams up with Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Mia Yim, and an undisclosed partner to compete against Damage CTRL, Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley in a WarGames match at Survivor Series: War Games.

In a recent interview with On The Grind, the RAW Women's Champion spoke about her pre-big match rituals, disclosing that she likes to eat pizza the day before the bout.

"I always eat pizza the night before my big matches. I know a lot of people are probably like, 'what?! you're supposed to do that after.' For me, I feel like I've put all the work in, the weeks leading up, the months leading up. Whatever I do the night before is not gonna erase all that work. I have all the confidence in my work. Me eating pizza the night before, it eases my nerves and it makes me feel good. And sometimes I put pineapples on my pepperoni pizza. Sorry!" Belair said. [10:59 - 11:24]

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The WWE RAW Women's Champion disclosed her post-match rituals

During the same interview with On The Grind, RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair also opened up about her post-match rituals. She disclosed that she heads directly to her husband, Montez Ford, after her bouts to ask him for his opinion.

The EST of WWE also revealed that she does not like to watch her matches right after the show.

"The first thing I do is I go directly to my husband because he's always there backstage watching, get a little hug and a kiss from him. I always ask him, 'did I do good?' And he always tells me the truth. Winding down is very hard after you have a wrestling match. You're still running off of your adrenaline. I like to wind down with my family. That's the one thing that I always have my family at the shows with me. I go back to the hotel, have a nice meal together. And I don't watch my match right after the show. I give myself time to enjoy the moment because I am my biggest critic," Belair explained. [15:33 - 16:10]
My Husband @montezfordwwe 😍🥰When I came through the curtain you were the first person I came toI couldn’t find my words, I had no idea what to do or say so I looked at you and said “can we pray?” You prayed for me, on me, and over me in this moment. I love you.#RoyalRumble

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