Wrestling legend says WWE needs to bring back controversial AEW star as a "backup" for Cody Rhodes (Exclusive)

Will The American Nightmare make his World title dreams come true in 2023?
Will The American Nightmare make his world title dreams come true in 2023?

Wrestling legend and ex-WWE writer Vince Russo recently discussed the imminent return of Cody Rhodes and how another AEW star could be involved in his comeback. The name in question is none other than CM Punk, who Russo believes should be a "backup" for Rhodes.

Cody Rhodes is widely expected to return to WWE in early 2023. Despite suffering a devastating pectoral tear prior to Hell in a Cell 2022, the Wrestling Observer reported that The American Nightmare is ahead of schedule for his recovery.

Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo stated on Writing with Russo that WWE "needs" CM Punk and explained how he is a good backup for Cody Rhodes. Moreover, he feels Bray Wyatt's current character doesn't fit in with the world championship picture.

"They need him [CM Punk] bro. There's nobody on top. You got Bray [Wyatt] and Bray is great, but with the Uncle Howdy stuff, and I totally trust Bray, but that's not WWE Champion material. You need champion material. And you got Cody [Rhodes] now and Cody is coming back, but how nice would it be to have a solid, solid backup to that?" [5:09 - 5:44]

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Will Cody Rhodes get the same push under the new WWE regime?

Where we last left off...

Cody Rhodes had one of the best runs of his entire wrestling career between April and June 2022. It revolved around his rivalry with Seth Rollins, and The American Nightmare went 3-0 against him. It culminated with his incredible performance at Hell in a Cell 2022, where he competed with a torn pectoral muscle.

There seemed to be little doubt that Cody Rhodes had won over Vince McMahon with his incredible run, and many pegged him as one of the big potential names who could dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39.

However, WWE is now under new management, and the head of the creative department is Triple H - a man whom Rhodes has taken a shot at numerous times.

What Triple H has planned for Rhodes is yet to be seen. If anything, the rumor of Triple H changing his mind about The Judgment Day indicates that he is willing to give the fans what they want.

Would CM Punk be a good "backup" for Rhodes? Voice your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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