"I swear he almost tipped the truck two or three times" - Former WWE official recalls a 'hammered' Vince McMahon story

Former WWE official Mike Chioda recalls a 'hammered' Vince McMahon story
Former WWE official Mike Chioda recalls a 'hammered' Vince McMahon story

Former WWE official Mike Chioda recently recalled a story when a drunk Vince McMahon almost tipped a ring truck on the highway.

Speaking to WWE Hall of Famers JBL and Gerald Brisco on the latest episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Chioda recalled his time with Vince when WWE was in Richfield, Ohio.

“I think we were in Richfield, Ohio. We used to do some Survivor Series on Thanksgiving. We used to do Richfield. We used to go out there on Tuesday, but I think it was a Wednesday night going into Thursday, and everybody was drinking at The Holiday Inn bar. Vince was getting hammered. Everybody was getting hammered. Vince goes, ‘Hey Mike. Where’s the ring truck?’ and I'm like 'It’s right outside in the parking lot, sir.' It was snowing and there was a ton of snow from before. It was snowing that night. It was freezing because it was November at that time. Next thing you know, Vince is like, ‘Give me the godda*n keys to the truck Mike!’ I was like, ‘Uh! Um! Yeah sure boss. No problem.’"

He added that Vince was hammered and almost tipped the ring truck on the highway.

"I gave him the keys and he goes, ‘Alright, come on, come with me.’ I look at Chimel (Tony Chimel). He was over at the table. I told Chimel, ‘Vince got the keys to the truck.’ He said, ‘Why the f*ck did you give him the keys to the truck?’ So me and Chimel come out there. Now, we’re in the truck with Vince. He’s doing donuts with this 20-foot truck with a sleeper cab. He’s shifting gears and saying, ‘God da*n it. Can’t this go any faster?’ I swear he almost tipped the truck two or three times. It was a mess and I really thought he was going to capsize the truck.”
From 'back in the day' Vince driving stories from Mike Chioda. Mike joins Stories with @Fgbrisco and Bradshaw. Whole show here and podcast here …

Mike Chioda will take part in a supershow featuring WWE Hall of Famers

Mike Chioda worked for WWE for close to 31 years and was the longest-tenured referee in the company before his release last year. He has many WWE Wrestlemania main events under his belt, including Rock-Cena, Rock-Hogan, and more.

Following his WWE release, he even had a short stint in AEW. He has had some major moments in his career and he'll be adding a few more as he has officially signed to be a part of the SuperSlam III event organized by Qatar Pro Wrestling in 2022. WWE Hall of Famers such as Bret Hart, Sting, and Booker T have been confirmed for the event.

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