WWE RAW star comments on Roman Reigns possibly surpassing John Cena

Roman Reigns (left); John Cena (right)
Roman Reigns (left); John Cena (right)

Corey Graves recently discussed the chances of Roman Reigns taking over from John Cena as WWE’s main box-office attraction.

Cena cemented his status as the top guy in WWE for more than a decade before he reduced his schedule in 2015 to focus on acting. Since then, Reigns has emerged as the company’s marquee name.

Speaking on his “After The Bell” podcast, Graves recalled how every superstar wanted to be on tours with Cena because those shows earned more money. Moving forward, he believes The Tribal Chief could one day become as successful as the 16-time world champion.

“You wanted to be on the Cena tour, much like now you wanna be on the Roman Reigns tour because Roman Reigns is box office, and maybe Roman can surpass that [Cena’s superstardom],” Graves said. “Roman’s still got a few years left. Roman’s still firing on all cylinders at the top of his game. Roman could be the guy who knocks Cena out of that spot. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen.”

Reigns defeated Cena in two passing-of-the-torch moments at No Mercy 2017 and SummerSlam 2021. The rivalry also featured memorable in-ring segments, with both men cutting intense promos on each other.

Corey Graves often receives questions about John Cena

Over the last few years, John Cena has become a household name due to his WWE stardom and success outside of wrestling as an actor.

Corey Graves amusingly revealed that he frequently gets asked the same question when non-wrestling fans find out he works for WWE.

“To this day, when I meet somebody who is not familiar with me or meet somebody new and they ask, ‘What do you do for a living?’” Graves continued. “‘Oh, I work for WWE. I’m an announcer on Monday Night RAW.’ The first question they ask, ‘Do you know John Cena?’ 99 percent of the time, because that’s the pop culture point of reference to our world, is that guy.”

Cena will return to WWE on the June 27 episode of RAW to celebrate 20 years since his main roster debut. He has not competed in a televised match since he lost to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam last year.

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