WWE veteran voices his take on the end of his stable 21 years after its breakup.

WWE veteran believes his faction could have lasted longer (Source: WWE)
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WWE has seen the rise and fall of several stables throughout history. While many stables have a very short run, some keep running for several years. Interestingly, a veteran has recently come forward with his disappointment regarding the premature disbandment of his group. However, this concern comes 21 years after the end of the faction.

Shelton Benjamin is known as one of the most respected hard workers in the pro wrestling industry. The former WWE Superstar was part of the Team Angle faction along with Kurt Angle and Charlie Haas. The stable was formed on December 26, 2002. However, it didn’t last long and saw multiple breakup angles in between.

During this period, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas won the Tag Team Titles and went on to be known as the "World's Greatest Tag Team." Speaking to The Daily Star, Benjamin said that the disbandment happened way too quickly, as he and Haas were still learning from Kurt Angle.

“Me and Charlie were still green as grass and still learning. But it was actually the best time of my life. Everything was new, everything was fun, and I was just happy to be on the roster. We were having these great matches with the Guerreros, and then later with Eddie [Guerrero] and Tajiri, Rey [Mysterio] and [Billy] Kidman. That time with Team Angle was probably the most fun I had; that’s the most fun era for me." [From 15:07 to 15:45]

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Interestingly, while Shelton Benjamin harbors a lot of fond memories from his time with Kurt Angle, the Olympic gold medalist also shares the sentiment. He even sent a heartfelt message to Benjamin after The Gold Standard was released last year.

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Shelton Benjamin’s second stint with the WWE ended on September 21, 2023, when he was released from the company. His release was rather unexpected, especially since he was winning matches alongside his teammate, Cedric Alexander.

Bidding farewell to Shelton, Kurt Angle posted a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) and complimented his former Team Angle stablemate.

"Team Angle forever. Thank you Shelton for the memories, You’re truly a bada**."

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Notably, Shelton Benjamin had briefly teamed up with Chad Gable as well, someone who many regard as the second coming of Kurt Angle. It would be interesting to see if the veteran makes a return to the company and gets another chance to work with Angle in any capacity.