NJPW Super J Cup 2020 first round matches announced

A stacked lineup of first round matches for the NJPW Super J Cup 2020 is revealed.
A stacked lineup of first round matches for the NJPW Super J Cup 2020 is revealed.
Modified 07 Nov 2020

NJPW announced a series of tournaments to close out 2020, highlighted by the Super J Cup 2020 as the finale on December 12th.

With a diverse set of talent, including wrestlers from Impact Wrestling, ROH and GCW, this is one of the most stacked set of talent for the tournament yet. The first round matches of the Super J Cup 2020 were revealed today during the Power Struggle 2020 event.

The first-round matches of the NJPW Super J Cup 2020 will be Clark Connors versus Chris Bey, ACH facing TJP, Rey Horus meeting Blake Christian and El Phantasmo against Lio Rush. This should lead to an exciting night with plenty of quality performances with every round of the tournament taking place.

Besides the tournament, the NJPW Super J Cup 2020 will feature a tag team special attraction match with KENTA and Hikuleo of the Bullet Club facing former Young Lions Karl Fredericks and Ren Narita. This event will stream live on NJPW World, as well as FITE TV with English commentary on December 12th.

Full Cards for the NJPW Best of Super Juniors 27 set

Along with the brackets for the Super J Cup 2020, NJPW also announced the full cards for the entire Best of Super Juniors 27. This will be a single block league with all 10 competitors facing off during the month-long tournament.

The lineup is as follows:

November 15th, Aichi

* Hiromu Takahashi vs. Taiji Ishimori 

* Master Wato vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru

* Robbie Eagles vs. DOUKI


* Ryusuke Tagachi vs. El Desperado

November 18th, Korakuen

* Hiromu vs. El Despy

* Taguchi vs. Ishimori

* BUSHI vs. Kanemaru


* Wato vs. Eagles

November 20th, Korakuen

* Kanemaru vs. El Despy

* Hiromu vs. BUSHI

* Ishimori vs. DOUKI

* SHO vs. Eagles

* Tagachi vs. Wato

November 23th, Gunma

* Kanemaru vs. shimori

* SHO vs. Tagachi

* Hiromu vs. DOUKI

* Eagles vs. BUSHI 

* Wato vs. El Despy

November 25th, Niigata

* Eagles vs. Ishimori

* Wato vs. DOUKI

* Kanemaru vs. Hiromu

* SHO vs. El Despy

* Tagachi vs. BUSHI

November 29th, Korakuen

* Hiromu vs. Eagles

* Wato vs. SHO

* El Despy vs. DOUKI

* BUSHI vs. Ishimori

* Tagachi vs. Kanemaru

December 2nd, Osaka

* Ishimori vs. El Despy

* SHO vs. Hiromu

* Kanemaru vs. DOUKI

* Wato vs. BUSHI

* Tagachi vs. Eagles

December 5th, Kagoshima

* Wato vs. Ishimori

* Tagachi vs. Hiromu


* Eagles vs. El Despy

* SHO vs. Kanemaru

December 6th, Fukuoka

* SHO vs. Ishimori

* Wato vs. Hiromu

* BUSHI vs. El Despy

* Eagles vs. Kanemaru

* Tagachi vs. DOUKI

The NJPW Best of Super Juniors 27 concludes on December 11th, when the top two point getters meet in the Finals. NJPW also announced that there will be live English commentary on December 6th and 11th.

Sportskeeda will have coverage of both of these tournaments when they occur.

Published 07 Nov 2020
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