NXT UK Results: Cruiserweight vs. Super Heavyweight in an epic main event

The "Bomber" Dave Mastiff answer Jordan Devlin's Cruiserweight Challenge on NXT UK
The "Bomber" Dave Mastiff answer Jordan Devlin's Cruiserweight Challenge on NXT UK
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NXT UK returned this week for another action-packed edition from the BT Studios. The show featured long-running rivals Xia Brookeside and Nina Samuels go head-to-head, a new look Joseph Conners returned to the ring, and NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin had a huge challenge on his hands in the main event.

Xia Brookside vs. Nina Samuels on NXT UK

The "Leading Lady" of NXT UK, Nina Samuels
The "Leading Lady" of NXT UK, Nina Samuels

The first match of the night saw Liverpool's own Xia Brookside take on Nina Samuels. Samuels has been a thorn in the side of Brookside for weeks as "NXT's Leading Lady" believes that Brookside is only good enough to carry her bags.

As the bell rang Brookside unloaded on Samuels with a windmill of fists and fury. Samuels recovered to dismiss her lighter opponent but Brookeside hit back with a Sunset flip for the first two-count of the match.

Brookside hit Samuels with a headscissor takedown but she got caught in the dragon sleeper and then thrown up as Samuels smashed her with a brutal reverse suplex. Samuels remained in control using her size and strength to overpower Brookside.

Brookside fired back after Samuels taunted her, but Samuels smashed Brookside into the corner with some feirce charges. A hurricanrana caught Samuels off guard, and a running faceplate sent her sprawled out on the mat.

The action spilt outside as Brookeside continued her offence, but a missed kick allowed Samuels to attack and throw her back in the ring. Samuels then grabbed one of her suitcases and threw it into the ring.

With the referee occupied with removing the foreign object from the ring, Samuels clocked Brookeside with a loaded purse and rolled her up for the victory.

Result: Nina Samuels beat Xia Brookside on NXT UK

Grade: C

Josh Morrell vs. Joseph Conner on NXT UK

Joseph Conners with Jinny by his side proved to be a successful partnership
Joseph Conners with Jinny by his side proved to be a successful partnership

The second match of the night was Joseph Conners' first match since October last year but his first since he joined forces with the "Fashionista" Jinny.

The new-look Conners controlled the match from the start with some nice wrist and headlock combinations. Morrell caught him with a dropkick, which sent Conners outside.

After some words of wisdom from Jinny, Conners entered the ring with some newfound venom. Conner's went after Morrell with a vicious barrage of stiff and grinding offence much to the delight of Jinny.

Conners continued to unleash harsh punishment on Morrell flattening the newcomer with a nasty and driving flurry of strikes. Morrell broke free and exploded with an excellent high-flying offence culminating with a nice hurricanrana for a two-count. Conner's caught Morrell with a spike DDT followed by a beautiful looking Rude Awakening for the victory.

Result: Joseph Conners defeated Josh Morrell on NXT UK

Grade: C+

Xia Brookside confronted the assistant to the General Manager and demanded a rematch with Nina Samuels

Ilja Dragunov vs. Tyson T-Bone on NXT UK

The night's third match is the "Loose Cannon of NXT UK" Ilja Dragunov taking on the bare-knuckle boxer and man-mountain, Tyson T-Bone.

The bell rang and T-Bone flew at Dragunov with a torrent of blows. Dragunov managed to control the "King of the Travellers" with a grinding front face headlock.

Sam Gradwell comes out to the ring verbally abusing Dragunov as T-Bone broke free with a massive power slam and knee drop.

Gradwell continued to heckle Dragunov as T-Bone continued his heavy and brutish offence. Dragunov fired back with a flying forearm but T-Bone hit back with a big release suplex and fallaway slam for a two-count.

Dragunov went for a single-leg takedown, but T-Bone threw him off, but Dragunov rebounded with an incredible flying knee strike and a vicious enziguri. Dragunov went for a suplex, but T-Bone overpowered and tossed him out of the ring.

T-Bone hit Dragunov with a massive strike, which trigged Dragunov's violent streak and he destroyed T-Bone with a barrage of brutal strikes, which resulted in the referee calling the match in favour of the Russian.

Gradwell berated Dragunov at ringside that ended up with him getting a boot to the face and an enraged Dragunov.

Result: Ilja Draganov defeated Tyson T-Bone on NXT UK

Grade: B+

A Meiko Satomura vignette played showing footage of her in alongside the NXT UK talent talking about her arrival and what her arrival will do not only for the women's division but the entire brand. She will be in action next week, mark it in your diaries as it will be a must-watch.

Joe Coffey vs. Danny Jones on NXT UK

Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown had a standoff on NXT UK
Joe Coffey and Rampage Brown had a standoff on NXT UK

The third match of the night had the "Iron King" Joe Coffey taking on the NXT UK newcomer, Danny Jones.

Coffey overpowered his opponent from the start and dropped the Welshman with a colossal shoulder barge, a big slam and an onslaught of stiff punches. Danny Jones fired back with some significant strikes of his own, but Coffey caught him and hit a big belly-to-belly suplex.

Ones countered a lariat attempt into a sleeper hold, but the "Iron King" hit the Glasgow Sendoff followed by the Best of the Bells for the impressive victory.

After the match, he grabbed the mic to talk about Rampage Brown. Brown made his way to the ring and simply said "anytime, anywhere."

Result: Joe Coffey defeated Danny Jones on NXT UK

Grade: C

Recap vignette for last week's crazy and chaotic four-way tag team eliminator match, which Pretty Deadly won to become number one contenders for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Pretty Deadly say they're ready to take the titles off Gallus who have run the division for too long and they will end up on top.

Another tag team vignette highlighting the vicious rivalry between the Hunt and Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.

The two teams will clash in a street fight on next week's show.

NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff

Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff on NXT UK
Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff on NXT UK

The NXT UK Cruiserweight Champion, Jordan Devlin made his way to the ring, not knowing who will step up to his open challenge. The "Bomber" Dave Mastiff made his way to the ring and said that he doesn't care about the belt and just wants to "kick his head in".

Devlin and Mastiff tie up and exchange some excellent holds before Mastiff's power came into play. With Devlin on the mat, the big man crushed him with a massive seton into a grinding headlock. A big splash in the corner had Devlin flattened again for the first near fall of the match.

NXT UK's "Irish Ace" cleverly hits his massive opponent with a chop block, which takes him out. Devlin attacked Mastiff with an array of strikes to keep him wobbled. The "Bomber" hit back, but Devlin used smarts to stay in control. A momentary lapse in judgment saw Devlin lift the big man to the top turnbuckle and attempt to throw him off.

Mastiff dropped Devlin with a top rope shoulder charge. After both men recover, they get into a slugfest in the middle of the ring, which Mastiff wins. Devlin ends up on the wrong side of the enormous backdrop and an Irish whip that sends him flying over the turnbuckle to the floor outside.

Devlin tried a kick, but Mastiff caught it and flipped the champion over face first. Devlin back to his feet, managed to force Mastiff out the ring and attempt a cross-body block, but Mastiff caught Devlin and planted him with a rolling slam to the studio floor. Mastiff broke the count and went for running cannonball, but Devlin just got out of the way sending Mastiff crashing through the barricades.

Back in the ring, the exhausted warriors climbed back into the ring and Mastiff hit a massive diving headbutt that Devlin somehow kicked out. Devlin targeted the knee once again and hit a cutter, which allowed him to climb to the top rope and struck a 450 splash for the hard-fought victory on NXT UK.

Result: Jordan Devlin defeated Dave Mastiff on NXT UK

Grade: A

Edited by Alex Turk


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