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Should Roman Reigns win the Universal Championship at WWE Payback

Roman Reigns has come back with a new attitude.
Roman Reigns has come back with a new attitude.
Shiraz Aslam
Modified 30 Aug 2020, 09:36 IST

Last Sunday, WWE pulled off a major surprise twist that has transformed the main-event scene on SmackDown. "The Big Dog", Roman Reigns, returned to WWE at SummerSlam after a five-month hiatus. Roman Reigns emerged in the closing moments of SummerSlam, obliterating The Fiend and Braun Strowman seconds after the former had just won the Universal Championship.

In the wake of Roman Reigns' heinous assault, WWE announced a No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match between Reigns, Strowman, and The Fiend for the Universal Championship at Payback.

On SmackDown, Roman Reigns forged an unlikely alliance with Paul Heyman, signaling a heel turn. With Heyman by his side, Roman Reigns will become an unstoppable force. However, the WWE Universe shouldn't overlook Braun Strowman and The Fiend. These two evil beasts tore each other apart at SummerSlam, and both have a bone to pick with Roman Reigns.

The conclusion to the Triple Threat match is a toss-up. The situation has come to a point where any outcome would be unpredictable and controversial. If Roman Reigns wins, then what was the purpose of The Fiend winning the belt at SummerSlam? If The Fiend wins, Reigns' game-changing return is rendered useless. Although he just lost the title, Strowman could stun his two adversaries and regain the Universal Championship.

Nevertheless, let's focuses on Reigns' chances of winning the Universal Championship.

Why Roman Reigns should win the Universal Championship

The Big Dog's return has breathed life into WWE. Although he does have his detractors, Roman Reigns has become a huge attraction and a megastar. Hence, his reemergence has been a welcome sight. Moreover, his partnership with Heyman makes matters more intriguing.

Paul Heyman elevates his clients. His projects have never been failures. Therefore, it makes sense to put the Universal Championship on the company's biggest star.

Although nothing is set in stone, Reigns is in line for a heel turn. If Reigns is booked as a heel moving forward, he must win the Universal Champion. The Samoan powerhouse has always shown aggressive instincts and a prideful character. Thus he would fare relatively well as a heel.


The possibilities would be endless for Reigns as a dominant Universal Champion. First, it opens the door for a face turn for Bray Wyatt. Second, young talents like Big E, Matt Riddle, Shorty G, Otis, and Drew Gulak could get title opportunities.

Now that Heyman is associated with Reigns, Brock Lesnar must also be looming somewhere in the background. Given the history between Heyman, Lesnar, and Reigns, it makes total sense to add Lesnar into the mix. However, in this scenario, Lesnar should be booked as a face.

Lastly, with all the hype that Reigns' return and his subsequent alliance with Heyman have created, this is probably the safest option for now. Anything may seem short-sighted, ill-advised, and a let-down.

The WWE Universe has been longing for a heel turn for the Big Dog. If WWE is invested in Reigns as a heel, this is the direction they should trail on. The Universal Championship needs a credible heel champion, Reigns ticks all the boxes.

Why Roman Reigns should not win the Universal Championship

Everything seems to be happening so rapidly that it's challenging to acknowledge. A week ago, Reigns wasn't anywhere near the ring. Now, he is in the Universal Championship scene and has seemingly become a Paul Heyman guy.

Previous reports suggested that Reigns wouldn't return anytime soon. Surprises are awesome, but too much of anything is bad. WWE should slow things down a bit, as hasty booking could prove to be counterproductive. After all, the main reason why fans rejected Reigns in 2015 was that WWE rushed with his push.


The Fiend just won the Universal Championship. It's too soon for him to lose it. His first Universal Championship reign came to an abrupt end. Making the same mistake this time will provoke Wyatt's fans. The Fiend cannot afford to take losses. It would damage the aura and mystique that surrounds him. WWE could have him pin Strowman to extend his Universal Championship reign so that he could drop it later to Reigns in a singles match at Clash of Champions.

Whatever goes down at Payback will be a sight to behold. No matter what the outcome, fans are in store for a beautiful match and some exquisite storytelling.

Published 30 Aug 2020, 09:36 IST
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