Predicting the 6 RETRIBUTION members who appeared on this week's RAW

Is this going to be the starting line-up for RETRIBUTION?
Is this going to be the starting line-up for RETRIBUTION?
Greg Bush
Modified 27 Aug 2020
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RETRIBUTION took over WWE again this week. During the main event of Monday Night RAW, RETRIBUTION laid out the Mysterios to end the show.

The WWE Universe has been attempting to figure out the identities of RETRIBUTION for nearly some time now, but at the moment, not a single member has been revealed. Considering that every time they've attacked RAW or SmackDown we've seen a new line-up, it's been quite difficult to narrow it down.

It also hasn't helped that, the majority of the time, the RETRIBUTION members that we've seen were of similar stature. However, on Monday Night RAW, each member was noticeably unique from one another. It's been a running joke that all of RETRIBUTION so far has been a little on the short side, but on August 24th, two of the men that attacked Rey Mysterio and Dominik were absolute giants.

Given that, could this be the official starting six members of RETRIBUTION? If so, who are they? To narrow this down at all, we've got to eliminate members of the NXT roster that are used on TV regularly or are currently in a storyline. So as much as fans may want to see them, Kayden Carter and Johnny Gargano aren't working with RETRIBUTION.

Let's take a shot in the dark and see if we can point out some of RETRIBUTION this week. We're starting with a man that's been seen on RAW and NXT many times but hasn't been able to set the world on fire as of yet.

#6 Shane Thorne makes RETRIBUTION Mighty

Has The Mighty One been a part of RETRIBUTION all along? (second from the left)
Has The Mighty One been a part of RETRIBUTION all along? (second from the left)

Okay, this may just be the inner fan hoping to see the TM-61 member get some love on the main roster. Still, across the IWC, fans seem to believe that The Mighty Shane Thorne may have been on Monday Night RAW this week working with RETRIBUTION.

Thorne's NXT run was mired by two incredibly unfortunate events.

First he suffered a knee injury that kept him out of competition for nine months following an incredible showing in the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Then Thorne's tag team partner, Nick Miller, left WWE in December 2018, officially disbanding the team.

After Miller left, though, the WWE Universe was able to notice something about Thorne. Namely, Shane Thorne is very good at wrestling. Seriously, Thorne is one of the brightest diamonds that a fan could find in NXT, which is frustrating considering how little he's used on the brand.

During the ongoing COVID-19 era in WWE, Thorne was able to reunite TM-61 in a sort by bringing in another former tag team partner, Brendan Vink. Reportedly, the company was incredibly high on the duo, and they even got paired up with MVP. However, as soon as they picked up their first win on RAW over 2 Fly Crew, they were moved right back to NXT.

Right there is a reason that Thorne could have for wanting some much needed payback, or RETRIBUTION, against WWE. The second they started to build steam, the rug was pulled right out under his legs.

Is Shane Thorne rampaging through RAW with RETRIBUTION? It's possible.

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Published 27 Aug 2020
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