R-Truth's 5 funniest WWE moments

R-Truth and Carmella.
R-Truth and Carmella.
Kevin Christopher Sullivan

Over the years, WWE's idea of what constitutes "funny" has been... well, "hit or miss" is likely the most magnanimous way to put it. Sure, this is the company that brought us Southpaw Regional Wrestling (probably the funniest wrestling-related thing of the last 15 years), but it's also the same one that had Mae Young give birth to a literal human hand.

However, any time Ronnie Aaron "R-Truth" Killings appears on WWE TV, you can rest assured that what you're about to see is going to be absolutely hilarious.

R-Truth is one of the longest-tenured performers on the WWE roster, and there's a very good reason for that - he's also one of the most reliable. His ring work is highly underrated, he's always healthy (the only time I can remember him spending a significant amount of time away from TV was his Wellness Policy violation suspension in 2011), and he's willing to do just about anything the WWE asks of him.

Not only is he willing, but he has the uncanny ability to take what WWE gives him and - no matter how inane it is - turn it into something amazing. Just look at the 24/7 Championship - or, as Truth calls it, the "24/7, 48/7, 7-Eleven, Television, European Championship" - which Truth has won a record 37 times. Need I say more?

R-Truth has had so many comedic moments over the years that it's hard to narrow down his funniest ever. We also actually talked about this very subject back in 2016. So, don't consider this the definitive list - in fact, I highly encourage you to share your own favorites in the comments down below.

So.... let's see what's up!

#5. R-Truth's childhood hero

R-Truth and his childhood hero, John Cena
R-Truth and his childhood hero, John Cena

In February of 2019, R-Truth scored an unexpected United States Championship win on an episode of SmackDown against then-champion Shinsuke Nakamura. It was a surprise, to be sure, but when R-Truth holds a championship, you can rest assured that he's going to do something funny with it.

The following week, Truth (accompanied by Carmella) came to the ring and announced to the crowd that he wanted to make his childhood hero - who was also a former US champion - proud, and he was going to take a page out of his idol's book. He was going to hold an open challenge for his title - just like his childhood hero John Cena.


Here's where I should point out that R-Truth is six years older than John Cena.

Truth would continue to slip in reference (or should we say "tributes") to his role model, running with the joke without beating everyone over the head with it. That's actually one of R-Truth's great comedic skills - he knows how to keep a running gag going without the audience growing tired of it.

#4. R-Truth secedes from the WWE Universe


Even as a bad guy, R-Truth is comedy gold.

In 2011, R-Truth began a heel turn that actually led to him challenging - hey, look who it is! - John Cena for his WWE Championship. As part of this program, Truth had harassed a "fan" and his son in the audience ("Little Jimmy" and "Big Jimmy", who were wearing John Cena merchandise), culminating in him tossing a full soda into the face of the fan.

The anonymous Raw General Manager declared that R-Truth would get a championship match against Cena - provided he publically apologized for what he had done the previous week. That next week's RAW was held in Richmond, VA which was, as history tells us, the capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

During a segment featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, R-Truth made his way to the ring - wearing the uniform of a Confederate soldier. After apologizing to Big Jimmy, Little Jimmy, and even to the soda he threw in Big Jimmy's face ("It was refreshing"), Truth explained his get up: he was proclaiming his independence from the WWE Universe.

The sight of R-Truth - a black WWE Superstar - wearing the uniform of the racist army of the Confederacy was startling. But, as he always does, he turned it into comedy genius - all while still getting the heel heat he needed to promote his match with Cena. Absolute genius.

#3. R-Truth thinks the Royal Rumble is a Ladder match


One of R-Truth's consistent gags that never fails to get a laugh is his constant confusion around everything he does. It generally dates back to an episode of RAW that took place in 2011 in Milwaukee, WI - and Truth mistakenly asked Green Bay "what's up?!"

This has lead to some classic moments for the former United States Champion, such as his vow to defeat former New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady for the 24/7 Championship - despite the fact that the title was then held by Brady's teammate, Rob Gronkowski. There's also another moment that's a classic... but that's coming up.

But, this Royal Rumble bit was on a level of its own. At the 2016 edition of the event, R-Truth burst through the curtain, charged to the ring, and... pulled a ladder out from under the ring. He the proceeded to set up said ladder in the middle of said ring, climb it to the top... then looked confused when there was no Money In The Bank briefcase hanging there.

During the episode of WWE 24 on the WWE Network about him, R-Truth discussed how he pitched the idea to Vince McMahon:

"I remember going in Vince's office and peeking my head in... I wasn't even on the PPV at the time. I went to Vince and said, 'Hey Vince, boss, would it be fine if I came to the ring, pull the ladder out in the Royal Rumble.' and he like, 'HA, Truth, that would be funny.'"

Vince loved the idea and one of the funniest Royal Rumble moments of all-time was born.

#2. R-Truth doesn't want to go to Sioux Falls City


You want to know how you know when you're funny? When you can make Brock Lesnar laugh in the middle of the ring. R-Truth is one of the very few to have managed this feat.

At the beginning of the year, then-WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and his "advocate", Paul Heyman, announced to the world that Lesnar would be entering the Royal Rumble match - and he would be entering at #1. Heyman declared that his client would decimate, dominate, destroy, and presumable a bunch of other words that start with "D", all other 29 competitors.

After insisting, twice, that his predictions of Lesnar's victory were the "truth", R-Truth made his way to the ring - because saying "Truth" multiple times apparently makes him magically appear like some sort of pro wrestling Beetlejuice. R-Truth would declare that he was entering the Rumble and that the man standing with him in the ring wasn't going to stop him.

Except, true to form, R-Truth wasn't talking about Brock Lesnar. He was referring to Paul Heyman. That's right, R-Truth thought Heyman was competing in the Royal Rumble match. Once he was set straight on which one of the duo was actually in the match, Truth quickly "undeclared" himself from the match.

As Lesnar moved in to attack Truth, the 27/7 48/7 7-11 I-95 South Champion begged off, telling Lesnar to spare him and that he didn't want to go to "Sioux Falls City."

Apparently, according to some reports, Lesnar loved his segment with R-Truth so much that he requested working more with him in the future.

#1. R-Truth isn't even in the match!


This is the moment where R-Truth officially (in my mind, anyway) became the funniest guy working in WWE at the moment - and perhaps ever.

It's pretty common practice to, over the course of the weeks before the match, have all of that year's WWE Money In The Bank competitors confront each other at the same time. Usually, this involves having them all come out, one at a time, and cut a promo about... well, pretty much just about how they're going to win the famous briefcase.

So, on the June 8, 2015 edition of WWE RAW, when Roman Reigns came to the ring and began to wax poetic about his history with the MITB briefcase, we kind of saw where things were going. Even more so when one of his opponents in the match, Dolph Ziggler, came out to talk some smack.

Then, R-Truth's music hit - much to the confusion of everybody in and around the ring. Especially for Corporate Kane, who had come to ringside to defuse any potential volatile situations.

R-Truth began to explain that he was no longer afraid of ladders (I don't remember if spiders were still a problem for him, though), and that at Money In The Bank, he was gonna... which was right where Kane cut him off. The Chief Operations Officer of The Authority informed Truth that he wasn't actually in the match.

Now it was Truth's turn to be confused.

What's great about this segment is that it's such a non-sequitor - it does nothing to develop the actual match itself, but it's just so funny and entertaining that you can't help but love it. Truth's delivery and facial expressions are spot on here, as well - especially his stammering "This one's on me, my bad!"

This actually lead to the previous #3 entry - go back and read that and you'll see what I mean.

Chances are good that there's going to be plenty of R-Truth moments in the near future that will be even more hilarious than these. In the meantime, however, let's discuss some other hilarious Truth moments in the comments below.

Edited by Nick Sutherland


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