Ranking Edge's 5 major WWE feuds since returning from retirement

The Rated R Superstar
The Rated R Superstar's second run has delivered some epic rivalries

Edge suffered a gut-wrenching defeat at the hands of Finn Balor at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. The Judgment Day forced the Rated-R Superstar to say "I Quit" by threatening his wife Beth Phoenix, thereby handing Balor the win.

Despite this, Rhea Ripley proceeded to execute a Con-Chair-To on Phoenix whilst the rest of the stable forced The Ultimate Opportunist to watch.

The feud is far from over, with a climactic Survivor Series war involving both parties expected to happen. However, the first-time dream match in Philadelphia closed another chapter in Edge's long-term storyline with the faction he founded.

With the Hall Of Fame couple written off as their tormentors deal with the freshly-reformed OC, it's a good time to reflect on Edge's biggest feuds since returning from retirement.

Here is our ranking of the WWE Hall of Famer's five biggest feuds in his current run.

#5: Edge vs. AJ Styles struggled to live up to its lofty expectations

Edge and AJ Styles didn't click as WWE fans had hoped
Edge and AJ Styles didn't click as WWE fans had hoped

Edge and AJ Styles are two undisputed legends of the business. Both men built extremely accomplished resumes on the way to becoming highly respected veterans with legendary careers.

Fans thought they would never meet in the ring since the Ultimate Opportunist had already retired by the time The Phenomenal One joined WWE. So, naturally, Edge vs. Styles became one of the most in-demand dream clashes as soon as the Rated-R Superstar made his iconic 2020 return.

They finally crossed swords on the path to WrestleMania 38, with the 11-time world champion turning heel in the process. The buildup to their WrestleMania and WM Backlash matches was decent, and their matches at the events were good and great respectively.

Their rivalry never hit the lofty heights expected, mainly suffering from Edge's lukewarm momentum as a heel.

#4: Edge vs. The Judgment Day started off cold but gained momentum with time

Edge's time as leader of The Judgment Day was a tad underwhelming. The Rated-R Superstar could not garner heel heat due to his incredible popularity with the WWE Universe, despite his best efforts. This failure to become an effective heel threatened to derail the entire group, which led to a hasty removal from his spot.

The faction went on to find its feet, facing the likes of AJ Styles and The Mysterios before recruiting Dominik Mysterio. Edge then returned as a babyface at Summerslam, receiving a huge ovation and kicking the feud into high gear.

After helping The Mysterios beat Finn Balor and Damian Priest, his team-up with Rey at Clash At The Castle also ended in victory against the duo. Both Ruthless Aggression Era legends have been on the back foot ever since that day, with Dominik crossing to the dark side in a shocking betrayal.

The amount of time, emotion and history invested in this feud could see it rise higher on this list before its conclusion.

#3: Edge vs. Roman Reigns was great but not spectacular

Edge vs. Roman Reigns was the kind of cross-generational feud that guaranteed blockbuster action worthy of WrestleMania. The fact that it main-evented two of the biggest WWE shows of 2021 is testament to the star power of both men, and the chemistry between them.

As good as the Spear vs. Spear feud was, though, it always seemed to be overshadowed by other storylines.

The duo initially crossed paths when the Rated-R Superstar won the 2021 Royal Rumble and chose to face the Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 37. They met again on the road to Money In The Bank 2021, but Reigns prevailed just as he had at the Show of Shows.

The initial meeting was overshadowed by the addition of Daniel Bryan, while the latter installment faded in the background of John Cena's epic return.

It was a memorable feud, but it may forever be underrated due to its place in the WWE chronology and the fact that it mostly played out in the Thunderdome era.

#2: Edge and Randy Orton rolled back the years to thrill the WWE Universe

Edge's first opponent back in WWE was longtime frenemy Randy Orton. After an emotional reunion in the 2020 Royal Rumble, things quickly turned sour when Orton betrayed his former tag team partner. This led to a very heated and personal feud running through WrestleMania 36 and lasting almost a year.

Their WrestleMania bout, though preformed without a crowd, showed that Edge could still perform at the absolute highest level. Their Backlash match, while not really "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever", was one of the matches of the year.

Their subsequent battles in the 2021 Royal Rumble and on RAW the next night were great too, and the feud as a whole was not short of memorable moments.

After all, who can forget Randy Orton's vicious RKO to Beth Phoenix?

#1: Edge vs. Seth Rollins is one of the best big match trilogies in WWE history

Seth Rollins vs. Edge was one of the rare dream rivalries that delivered on its hype and then some. It was deeply rooted in history (Rollins threatened to break Edge's neck during his 2015 feud with John Cena) and professional pride (Edge called Seth Rollins a cheap version of him).

The duo's entire rivalry was consistently excellent, delivering one of the best long-term storylines of 2021 punctuated with three instant classics in the ring. It was almost universally well-received, with moments such as Rollins' invasion of his opponent's home symbolizing the outstanding character work at play.

In the ring, their Crown Jewel 2021 bout is arguably the best Hell In A Cell match of the modern era.

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