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Ranking the last 5 WrestleMania main events from worst to best

The WrestleMania main event is one of the most important matches of the year, and it needs to be treated with care.

WrestleMania’s main event should be spectacular year in and year out

If you want to cap off the WWE calendar with a successful WrestleMania, then a top notch main event is absolutely vital. No matter how good the rest of the show is, if the last match doesn't live up to the hype as much as people were anticipating then the event as a whole can fall flat on its face.

It sounds extreme, but that's the cut throat nature of this business.

Over the last few years, we've been treated to a variety of interesting show enders around the nation, with this list starting with WM28 in Miami and ending with WM32 in Dallas.

They're all different in their own special ways, but there's definitely a clear distinction between a few of them when it comes to how good in-ring they actually were.

With that being said, everyone experiences things differently. For example, if you were there live for one of the choices we perceive to be bad, you may have a different opinion of it.

Alternatively, if you didn't buy into the hype surrounding a certain match-up, your viewing experience may have altered drastically from someone who was completely invested in the characters involved.

Whatever the case may be, it's always interesting to discuss, and with that being said let's rank the last five WrestleMania main events from worst to best.

#5 Triple H vs. Roman Reigns (WrestleMania 32)

WrestleMania 32
Injuries didn’t help, but the booking at WM32 was poor

Now it's been covered on a number of different occasions, but it deserves it's position here - Triple H vs Roman Reigns was without a doubt the worst Mania main event of the last five years.

It's a shame too, because if you add a No Disqualification stipulation onto this and put in some smoke and mirrors things go up to an entirely different level. Then again, maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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The build around this match made Triple H look like more of a warrior than Roman, and going with the long drawn out wrestling match with Reigns coming out on top was never going to go down well. AT&T Stadium showered the two competitors in the ring with a chorus of boos, and considering WWE's arrogant booking it's hard to blame them.

We rewind the clock three years now to a sequel of sorts.

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