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Rating the 10 best matches in NXT Takeover history

Nathan Smith
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NXT has been the most consistent and enjoyable brand of the WWE for quite some time now, as they tell fantastic stories with some of the world's greatest performers, but with wrestling these days, it's all about the match quality, something that NXT has in spades.

From quick fire singles sprints to long, drawn-out hardcore matches to tag team classics, since rebranding itself in 2012, NXT has showcased the very best of professional wrestling, and it's hard not to tune in to every episode waiting to see something great.

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Then, NXT Takeover was born. Since the first Takeover in 2014 took place at Full Sail, NXT has run these live events 5-6 times a year, and given all the care and love they put into these stories, it's no wonder that each and every time we get to see a Takeover, it delivers on a bigger and better scale.

These events have since been revamped and are now used the night before big WWE PPV's, and while that's great for NXT as they get a bigger and bigger audience for every single show, it allows the developmental brand to steal the show each and every time it's matched up with a WWE PPV.

That's a conversation for another time, because today we are looking at matches from these great shows, and counting down the top 10 matches in NXT Takeover history (we understand that the order may be a point of contention for many, but with so many quality bouts, it comes down to personal preference at the end of the day).

So what do you guys think? Are there any matches from the 23 Takeover's that we missed? Would you order these bouts differently if given the opportunity? What's your personal favourite match in NXT Takeover history? As always, let us know all your thoughts and opinions surrounding this in the comment section below.

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