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Results That Make Sense: Booking 2016 WWE Backlash

Smackdown needs to knock this one out of the park!

WWE Backlash 9/11/2016

This weekends’ event carries a lot more weight than what most fans realize. While there may only be six matches in total, there's a new era hovering over this event. Backlash will be the first single branded pay-per-view of the New Era since the brand split and draft. Smackdown is first up to bat and with Backlash not having very much hype and build, in comparison to typical pay-per-view events, it still has strong potential, as long as the WWE creative team realizes what's at stake here and makes decisions accordingly.

More important than wins or losses, is the challenge WWE officials are faced with in simply making this event entertaining. I truly believe if the company goes back to the fundamental basics and concentrates on delivering a solid, entertaining event, we will be looking back at this one as a success.

In this article, I'm not going to give you my predictions, but rather tell you which results, match-by-match, make the most sense to ensure a quality, successful and highly entertaining event. 

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