Roman Reigns to send 32-year-old star to ruin Solo Sikoa's plans? Exploring potential twist in The Bloodline saga

Roman Reigns has wrapped up his upcoming movie. [Image credits:]
Roman Reigns has wrapped up his upcoming movie. [Image source:]

The chants for Roman Reigns grow louder each week and are surely getting under Solo Sikoa's skin. The Enforcer has claimed that The Tribal Chief has asked him to run The Bloodline in his absence but fans suspect Sikoa is lying. The way The Tribal Heir is running the faction is extremely different from how The Tribal Chief used to.

Recently, Paul Heyman tried to caution Solo Sikoa about keeping Cody Rhodes in check but Sikoa replied that The American Nightmare already was! On the other hand, Heyman told Kevin Owens that Sikoa did not respect KO and was recruiting savages to The Bloodline. This is where Roman Reigns could play his card and create a division within The Bloodline.

The Tribal Chief could send a message to Solo Sikoa via Paul Heyman that if there is to be a savage recruited to the faction, it should be Jacob Fatu. The 32-year-old has proved himself ruthless in the ring and won't stop being so when he steps inside the Stamford-based promotion's ring. The Tribal Chief can play this card to ruin Solo Sikoa's plans with The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown.

Previously, it was reported that WWE was concerned that Jacob Fatu's addition to The Bloodline would overshadow Solo Sikoa. However, Xero News shared three gifs in one post - one each of Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Jacob Fatu. It can be assumed that this is an indication that Jacob Fatu is on his way to The Bloodline and is going to align with The Usos, who in turn are expected to align with Reigns.

If Jacob Fatu arrives on WWE SmackDown, even if it is by himself, he will be able to take a stand for Paul Heyman and save The Wiseman from Solo Sikoa and his ill intentions. Once Fatu saves Heyman and rises as Sikoa's rival, the division in The Bloodline can begin. It can create a ripple effect of triggering babyface turns for Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Roman Reigns.

WWE veteran has major praise for Roman Reigns

The Tribal Chief has been the face of the company since 2020. It's only when he took a hiatus following WrestleMania XL that superstars such as Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre have risen to WWE's poster-boy status.

Former WWE multi-time champion John Cena showered Roman Reigns with praise when he was interviewed for A&E's documentary for Reigns' biography.

"We only recognize something when we romanticize about it, when we look back on it. I hope there's a few more folks out out there that can realize that Roman Reigns is a very unique individual. There's never been a performer like him. Roman Reigns, as The Tribal Chief is the greatest of all time."

The Tribal Chief was advertised to return on the SummerSlam 2024 go-home edition of WWE SmackDown but WWE seems to have changed plans and removed him from the show's latest promotional material.