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Roman Reigns' suspension is a blessing in disguise for WWE

Will Roman Reigns stay "The Guy" when he returns?

A tweet has been his only communique to the world

However sick it may seem, WWE got what it needed to move past the Roman Reigns push it has been force-feeding fans for more than a year now.

The news that the three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion had violated the company’s wellness policy is a blessing in disguise and a relief to fans worldwide.

With the former member of the Shield out of commission for the next 30 days, fans can rest easy knowing the company will focus on Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, rather than a three-way dance at Battleground that will amount to nothing more than a push for the same kind of match at SummerSlam.

There is no telling what will happen with Reigns, who owned up to his mistake – apologizing on his Twitter account and through WWE.com on Tuesday. The news, once appearing on WWE.com and several websites spread faster than a California wildfire. And in a demented way, it takes a lot of heat off the back of Vince McMahon, who had pushed for Reigns to become the next John Cena, and failed miserably.

Now, Reigns is not a good guy or a bad guy, or even the guy. He’s a guy who has been suspended for doing something that has jeopardized his career as a main event star. The punishment probably will not push the Samoan Superman down too far on WWE’s ladder of champions, but taking another swing at the company’s top belt may have to wait a while as other stars and newcomers pass him by.

This is not how the McMahons or wrestling insiders had envisioned the fall of the Roman Empire, but this is what they have been given. Now the man who was asked to become the new version of John Cena after Cena was asked to become the new version of Hulk Hogan can take a deep breath and relax.

The party is over for now.

Bleak future?

How WWE plans to use Reigns in the future could depend on what happens in the next month. There is a chance to revive his career that was sinking faster than any top star we have seen in a while.

He is in the same position as others before him who have violated the wellness policy – Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler and Rey Mysterio come to mind. All three were former champions – all three survived the aftermath. I’m not so sure Reigns has that same kind of success. While Orton had the stroke other wrestlers not named Cena dream of, even Reigns’ claim to fame, Samoan heritage and the link to the WWF cannot save this kind of potential backlash.

Everyone, including the fans of WWE are in a wait and see mode.

Does Reigns come back and finally turn heel, which gives him the best chance to succeed? Can someone please stand up and act as this man’s advisor? Triple H would be ideal in this role. What happens now with Rollins and Ambrose and will Reigns get a crack at them when he returns? And how will he fall in line with talent that is moving upward and the veterans who are struggling to maintain their spot?

The announcement on Tuesday affects all of this.

The best thing for Reigns right now is to go home, lick his wounds, spend time with his family and wait. Fans are relieved they will get to watch the feud they wanted all along. In the meantime, Reigns and WWE can decide how to bring him back where he can finally get over with the thousands who have doubted him and make him a star again – with or without another world title in his future.

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