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What does Rusev Machka mean?

Rusev Machka is a word commonly used by the WWE superstar, but what does it mean?

Feature 05 Nov 2016, 18:25 IST
Rusev and his wife Lana

Rusev is a two-time United States Champion. He was managed by his wife Lana, who is seemingly quite a favourite among the fans undoubtedly, because of her beauty. 

However, he has been a vital part of the main roster since his call-up from NXT, when he was known as “Alexander Rusev” and was billed as a Russian. 

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However, his NXT days were quite different. He even teamed up with, Scott Dawson, who is one-half of the current NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival, in a tag team known as “The Fighting Legionnaires”, with Sylvester Lefort as the manager. However, the team was short lived.

He, later on, got Lana as his manager, whom he termed as his “social ambassador”. On the main roster, he started his Anti-American gimmick that he still maintains to-date. He was then billed from Russia and held an undefeated streak for over a year until he was defeated by John Cena at Wrestlemania 31. 

It must be noted that his gimmick of being a Russian hero, gained him legitimate heat in Bulgaria and created some controversy. However, after Wrestlemania 31, he silently changed from being a Russian to Bulgarian, and now he is called The Bulgarian Brute. 

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His theme song is quite famous, and the introduction of the theme song features him saying “Rusev udrya Rusev machka!”. What does this mean?


"Rusev udrya, Rusev machka!" is Bulgarian for:  "Rusev hit Rusev crush!” 

Udrya – Hit
Machka – Crush

This is why you can hear Rusev saying “RUSEV! CRUSH!” while making the hand gestures often. Lana herself often makes the gesture with one hand. It looks like this

Many believe that Rusev shows more babyface traits, especially in his storylines with the “Love quadrilateral” involving himself, Lana, Dolph Ziggler, and Summer Rae; and more recently in his feud with Roman Reigns.

Even though he was cast as the ultimate heel of the storyline, he came off as far more sympathetic, especially where he constantly said “He was fighting for Lana’s honour”; a babyface statement. Not to mention the fact that Roman Reigns started the feud and interrupted the wedding. Sometimes storylines just have miscast roles.

Outside Kayfabe, Rusev has a reputation for being one of the funniest and most fun-loving guys to be around. Here you can see Rusev playing UFC 2 with Jey Uso in Austin Creed’s(Xavier Woods) YouTube Channel UpUpDownDown:

Perhaps, the most you can see Rusev out of character is on UpUpDownDown, where he enjoys playing games with other WWE wrestlers. However, now that his wife Lana is part of the main cast of Total Divas, not only will we see Lana, (real name CJ Perry) out of character, speaking in an American accent, we will also likely see a new side of Rusev as well. 

Total Divas was filming around that time as well, so it is highly probable that the epic wedding between The Bulgarian Brute and the Ravishing Russian, will be chronicled for us to see.

After his Hell In A Cell match with Roman Reigns, where he was unsuccessful in regaining the United States Championship, Rusev went after Goldberg, who, after slipping, attacked Rusev and gave him the first Jackhammer we had seen in twelve years.

Goldberg wasn’t the first big old veteran that Rusev had a problem with, as just earlier this year at Wrestlemania, Steve Austin ended up hitting The Bulgarian Brute in the face, harder than expected! 

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