Sasha Banks praises legend of independent wrestling as surprising influence on her career

The Boss
The Boss

Very few professional wrestlers are self taught. The Boss, Sasha Banks, has worked in the business for a long time and, each time she has needed help in the ring, there has been one person to whom she has turned for assistance.

During an appearance on WWE's the Bump, Banks named independent legend Amazing Red as a constant source of help throughout her career. carried transcripts of her comments.

Amazing Red has been a fixture on the independent scene all over the world. His high-flying skills and technical prowess also netted him various runs in TNA/Impact Wrestling. Banks revealed that, no matter where she was in her career, she could always join up with Red in order to train. She said:

"He's amazing. That is why his name is Amazing Red," Banks joked. "I was a fan of his for a long time before I knew I wanted to be a WWE Superstar. I just wanted to travel around the world and expand on the independent scene, because I didn't think that I fit the mold for what it took to be in the WWE at that time. I've always watched his work, and I always thought he was so incredible."

From her time in NXT to her current tenure on the main roster, Banks hasn't hesitated to enlist the help of Amazing Red in order to get an outside perspective on things.

"We were here for NXT Brooklyn and I had so many ideas about my match that I thought I was going to go insane. Since I was on the main roster, I couldn't just go to the PC. So, I knew he had a school in Brooklyn and I hit him up, and it was magic ever since... Anytime when we're in Brooklyn, I always go to House of Glory to train with him."

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