Seth Rollins reveals how CM Punk helped The Shield move up to the main roster [Video]

The Shield and CM Punk
The Shield and CM Punk

Seth Rollins recently made an appearance at the WWE Gorilla Position Live event at the O2 Arena, London, along with his partner Becky Lynch. Rollins and Lynch discussed a wide variety of topics with fans and Rollins opened up on CM Punk's involvement with The Shield early on in its run.

"I told you, Punk was one of the first guys to really push the door down for the "indie darling", so to speak. Ambrose and I were just sitting down in developmental, we were toiling, and Punk was working the same guys week after week and he was just bored of everybody who was kind of there just collecting a paycheck, not busting their a**es.
"One way or another, him or Heyman, or both of them, they were working together at the time, and they were like, "these are three guys, who we know, who we trust. Let's bring them up, let's do this." Obviously, there was a lot of potential with Roman Reigns, and Hunter was a big fan of him. For whatever reason, they didn't see the potential in Cassius at the time, so they ended up inserting Roman in there instead of Cassius, and that was never a discussion with us. Myself and Ambrose had no clue. When we were first called up, we thought Big E was in the d**n group.
"I said a lot of negative things about Punk over he last few weeks, and I meant all of them. But he did help me out a lot in the beginning and he is responsible in some form or fashion for getting myself, and Ambrose, and Roman, the opportunity. He helped us get our foot out the door for sure."

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Punk and Rollins haven't seen eye to eye lately. It would be interesting to see what Punk thinks of Rollins' comments praising him.

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