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Sin Cara and 9 WWE Superstars who need anger management classes

Daniel Massey
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 08:35 IST

Being a wrestler is an intense occupation. You’re on the road for 300 days a year, travelling, spending time with the same people day in day out. Then, on top of that, there are the overseas tours. All in all, you’re going to be stressed, tired and hurt. That just comes with the job.

With all this weighing down on the talent, it’s fair to say the odd lash out would be, if not acceptable, kind of expected. Silly spats that are over as soon as they’ve begun and everyone gets on with their lives.

However, there are some Superstars who just can’t seem to keep their anger under control and end up in backstage scuffles, creating social media embarrassment and causing a negative impact on the company, its employees and themselves.

Egos can also play a massive part and with dirt sheets as prevalent as ever in the world of wrestling journalism, a lot of what goes on backstage makes its way to the public eye. With the prominence of social media, it’s even easier to see when a Superstar is developing an anger problem.

This article will take you through 10 wrestlers that are in desperate need of anger management classes and why. I would strongly advise against creating beef with any of these Superstars as they are known to fly off the handle at the drop of a hat…

Honourable mention: Vince McMahon


If I had a dollar every time I read an article about Vince McMahon losing his mind over something I’d be as rich as he is. He gets an honourable mention here because he’s not strictly a WWE wrestler but more of an occasional on-screen talent.

However, it’s still well known that despite the number of people Vince hires, he is still the top dog and has the final decision over everything that goes on the broadcast. If anything goes wrong, though, you’re going to know about it.

Most recently, Vince has been reported to have been fuming at the crowd reaction to Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman as it resulted in a “Goldberg Sucks” chant, despite the WWE creative team working towards Goldberg being a face.


And that’s just one example. We’d never get to the rest of the article if I listed every moment Vince has been irate, but he has been known to be irritated by botched moves, crowd reactions, Superstar conduct and even breaking kayfabe. Yes, breaking kayfabe. In 2016.

Get to anger management Vince!

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Published 10 Nov 2016, 17:28 IST
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