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SK WWE Power Rankings: 29th January 2017

Top 5 / Top 10
Published Jan 29, 2017
Jan 29, 2017 IST
On a strong note

Royal Rumble is bound to change the Power Rankings upside down.

The winner of the Rumble is definitely going to get a huge jump and will probably end up inside the top five position considering how the top stars of the WWE roster have been booked so far. Speaking about the Rumble, the week prior to it was eventful to say the least

The entire limelight went to Monday Night Raw where WWE showcased a showdown between Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. While Raw banked in on the star power of part-timers, SmackDown once again relied on the content quality and delivered another memorable show.

The things that happened both on Raw and SmackDown had their impact on the Power Rankings and before Royal Rumble; here is a look at how the Rankings are laid out.

#10 Mickie James (NR)

Mickie and Alexa forms a formidable team

After a long break, former Divas champion Mickie James made her return to the WWE programming a couple of weeks back. She was revealed as La Luchadora on SmackDown sometime back, but this week, it was all about re-establishing the heel Mickie that we once knew.

The association between Alexa Bliss and Mickie has already captured the attention of the WWE fans out there and the situation is bound to get better as we move forward.

The way in which Mickie carried herself in the ring and how she performed shows that Mickie has still got some years in her. Hopefully, WWE would make good use of the veteran to elevate the division as a whole.

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