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SmackDown on FOX: 5 reasons why Shane McMahon was fired from WWE

Rohit Nath
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Published Oct 05, 2019
Oct 05, 2019 IST

And done!
And done!

Remember that time a few months ago when Shane McMahon was rumored to be the one set to dethrone Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion? Thankfully that didn't happen. Remember how Shane McMahon has a win over Roman Reigns? Unfortunate that it did happen.

However, what wasn't unfortunate was the outcome of the huge ladder match on the SmackDown on FOX premiere. It saw Kevin Owens take on Shane McMahon in the conclusion of a long-time feud. The stipulation, as you know, stated that the loser of the match would be terminated from WWE.

Despite coming close to losing and getting fired, Owens managed to overcome the odds and defeat Shane McMahon, thus concluding Shane McMahon's three and a half year run in the company.

In retrospect, the run will undoubtedly be looked upon with quite some fondness, particularly the pop when he returned. However, Shane McMahon is now gone from WWE and here are a few reasons why.

#5 Shane McMahon outlived his time as an authority figure

Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon's heel run was brief

Shane McMahon truly outlived his time as an authority figure. While it was great in the first couple of years, things started to slump in 2019 when he turned heel. At first, it was great because he was a well-liked authority figure.

He was the antithesis of the most hated figure at the time - Stephanie McMahon. For many, he was a breath of fresh air because heel authority figures as a whole had been overdone quite a bit.

However, his 2019 run, in particular, was bad, not because of the heel turn, but it felt like he became yet another McMahon authority figure at the end of it. It wasn't heel heat that he was getting, it was what people call "go away heat".

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