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Sportskeeda WWE Awards 2016: Superstar of the Year

Picking the top male and female Superstars of 2016.

Who were the ten most valuable players for WWE, this year?

With the wealth of talent that WWE has on its roster at present, it is impossible to please everyone with a 'Top Ten’ Superstars of the Year countdown, and then pick the winner. Currently, WWE has a roster packed with probably the best in-ring talent in history and is also the greatest era for women’s wrestling.

Needless to say, there's a great possibility that your favourite WWE Superstar did not make it to this list. The procedure for this activity is simple. We conducted a poll on our Facebook page, and also considered the opinion of our writers. 

After adding the scores, we have a winner.

Honorable Mention: Chris Jericho

Ironically, Chris Jericho did not make this ‘list’

With the exception of maybe Broken Matt Hardy, no Superstar has reinvented himself this year like Chris Jericho has. A fan favourite, he almost made it to our countdown but just missed out. But every time his music hits and Chris Jericho comes out to the ring, we truly are entertained. He makes it to a very close 11th spot.

#10 Dean Ambrose 

2016 was a mixed bag for Dean Ambrose

Even though Dean Ambrose is the top babyface on SmackDown Live, 2016 hasn’t been the best year for him. His much hyped Wrestlemania 32 match against Brock Lesnar was a dud, as was the first ever ‘Ambrose Asylum’ match against Chris Jericho.

However, Ambrose would go on to win the 2016 Money in The Bank Prize, cash it in the same night, and become WWE World Heavyweight Champion, heading into the brand split. He has, since then, had a string of good matches against AJ Styles, and taken few clean pinfalls.

It is clear he has a big role to play in the future of WWE. Let’s see what the future holds for the lunatic.

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