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Stunning price of the custom WWE Universal Championship revealed

01 Dec 2019, 08:12 IST

Bray Wyatt introduced a different Universal Championship on the latest  episode of SmackDown
Bray Wyatt introduced a different Universal Championship on the latest episode of SmackDown

Instead of introducing us to a new character on the Firefly Fun House on SmackDown, Bray Wyatt revealed a custom Universal Championship belt inspired by his Fiend persona. The title disregards the red or blue color schemes for a truly different and unique look. If you want to show your love for the new champ, however, you might have to shell out a fortune. WWE Shop is currently charging $6500 for the custom creation.

Another unique creation

Wyatt isn't the first champion to have his own spin on a title belt. John Cena had the famous spinner title and Daniel Bryan recently sported the eco-friendly title during his run as WWE Champion.

Everything about The Fiend is special, whether it's in the formation of his Fun House, his costume, his character and now, his very own title belt. Special effects specialist Tom Savini has once again been commissioned to create something for The Fiend, only this time it's the wrestler's very own Championship belt. tweeted the following last night after Wyatt "introduced" the new face to the Firefly Fun House.

The website mentions that only a limited amount of custom titles will be made by Savini as it will understandably take a lot of time and craftsmanship in making these new belts. Savini is the mastermind behind the Fiend mask as well as many other details surrounding the Fiend character. If you want to show your devotion to the new Universal Champion and let him into your home, you'll have to shell out $6500.

Crafted strategically with care

It does seem like a truly high number to place on anything for sale in the WWE Shop. The WWE, however, is in the business of making money. With The Fiend claiming the status of being the top merchandise seller in the WWE, it makes sense for marketers to come up with numerous ideas on which to cash in on Wyatt's new creation. was selling the blue version of the Universal Championship and Shinsuke Nakamura's new Intercontinental Championship for around $430. With a truly fiendish title now on display, it may force more people to buy the blue title due to the highly-priced accessory recently revealed for The Fiend.

It's a smart move to launch the newest face in the Fun House to the public with holiday season in full swing. Is it a coincidence that the masked title was introduced on Black Friday?

Whatever the case is, if you must have this new title belt, you might have to put off a mortgage payment or that new car purchase you've been planning. It all depends on if you truly want to let him in or not.

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