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Talking Smack Recap: 02/07/2016

Yet another interesting and eventful episode of Talking smack is in the bag.

John Cena made a big statement on Talking Smack

Renee Young asked Daniel Bryan about returning home to Seattle. They had some chatter about Bryan's "baby moon". They quickly transitioned to "rasslin'" and started talking about Elimination Chamber. Bryan and Renee praised Baron Corbin for his performance earlier in the night in the fatal-4-way match.

They introduced their first guest.

Nikki Bella:

Renee asked Nikki "girl to girl" what was going on with Natalya's comments earlier in the night (where she said that John Cena would've dated her instead of Nikki). Nikki said that Natalya went insane, and she kept hitting below the belt. She said Nattie can take the spotlight, and that she was frustrated about the fact that she brought "her man" (Cena) into it. 

Renee seemed bewildered by the entire situation. Nikki said that she didn't understand it, and then Nattie interfered and asked if John Cena got her the spot at Talking Smack too, and add that whatever she had was because of him.

Nikki told Nattie to let it go, and Nattie tried to attack her, but Nikki slapped her. Nattie began to viciously assault her, slamming her on multiple props, and finally against a glass panel. Bryan and Renee checked on Nikki as Nattie was forced away. Bryan asked Nikki if she was ok, and Nikki shook her head indicating, "no".

After a break, the wind seemed to be sucked out of the room, and Renee said that the entire situation had gotten way out of hand. Bryan said that because of Nikki's neck surgery, she has to be careful, and described some of the issues she faces. 

Renee attempted to lift the mood and began talking about The Ascension's victory earlier in the night, in the 12-man tag team match. Bryan said that he was happy for them. He explained his history with Viktor of the Ascension, having been his tag partner many years ago, in a team called "Double meat".

Bryan praised Viktor and said that The Ascension have a lot of potential. Bryan said that American Alpha needed to watch their backs at Elimination Chamber.  

Renee said that she wanted to talk to Bryan about something for weeks, Carmella and James Ellsworth. Renee said that Ellsworth has begun to look like a stud. Bryan said that in the locker room, Ellsworth is known as "James Hogsworth", which was met by a big laugh from Renee.

An out-of-control Renee Young introduced the next guest.

Baron Corbin:

Renee congratulated Corbin on a great performance. Renee asked Corbin how he felt as he gets closer to his goal. Bryan said that he made it clear from the time Corbin beat Kalisto at TLC, that opportunities would be given to him as long as he won, which is why he was put in the Elimination Chamber match.

Baron Corbin said that it drove him crazy when they kept saying that he "could be" WWE Champion and that he expects to walk out Champion at Elimination Chamber. He said he made a statement when he beat three former WWE champions earlier in the night.

Renee asked Corbin how he would deal with his inexperience in the Elimination Chamber against people who have experience. Corbin said that it will be a new experience, but added that he trains for it every day. He said that it didn't matter if he was inside a chamber or not, he would crack people down.

He said that he had never been in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but walked out victorious. He said there has been a lot of "never befores" since he arrived on the scene but he has been successful.

Bryan asked if he was concerned about being the first person in the chamber. He said that no one who started the chamber has won it, and he would like to add that to his accomplishments. He also said that he was looking forward to hurting five other people.

He said that he didn't care what people thought of him or said about him, and he was just there to win the WWE Championship and make money. He continued to say that he didn't care what anyone thought, and he was there for himself. He then left the set. 

Renee began talking about Randy Orton and Luke Harper. Renee asked Bryan if he thought they saw Luke Harper's full potential. Bryan said that he didn't believe they have seen the best of him yet.

He continued to praise Harper for his toughness. Renee brought in their final guest.

John Cena:

After talking briefly about Corbin and a shoutout by Cena to his folks in Eatonville, Washington, they began talking about Nikki's appearance on Talking Smack, and Cena was unaware about the assault on Nikki. They showed him the footage. Cena seemed to be quite shocked about the assault. He said that Nikki was the toughest person he knew.

He said verbally she can go toe-to-toe with anyone.

Renee transitioned into talking about the Elimination Chamber, and Cena said it was an "ice cold transition". Renee said she didn't know a smoother way. Bryan said that if she was medically cleared, she would face Natalya at Elimination Chamber. Bryan asked Cena about his Elimination Chamber title defence.

Cena said that Nikki and he agreed to do their own thing and fight their own battles. Renee asked him about how they keep their relationship so separate when they work in the same place. Cena said that Nikki has a lot of pride and integrity about her work and cares about her legacy.

Cena praised Nikki for her effort in dealing with a lot of criticism and said that he knew she would make it to Elimination Chamber and give it everything she had.

They began talking about John Cena winning the 16th world championship, and he said that small things like Charles Robinson being the referee, and Ric Flair waiting backstage made it more meaningful. He said that whenever asked which his favourite match is, he says "the next one".

He said that he hasn't really stopped and smelled the roses, and he wants to do what's best for the WWE Universe. He said that he didn't want to lose focus. Cena continued to state that while he accomplished his goal of tying Ric Flair's record, his goal is now to head into WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

Bryan asked him if there is anyone in the Chamber match who he is afraid of, and Cena said the chamber itself.

Cena said that the draw works against the person who draws 1 and 2, and began describing why the chamber is such an intimidating structure. Cena said that he's firing on all cylinders, and said that the opponent he is wary of is AJ Styles, who he believes is firing on all cylinders as well.

He said that he doesn't believe the other competitors are on their level. Talking Smack concluded after Cena departed.

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