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The 10 worst movies that feature WWE superstars

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The Rock Starring in The Tooth Fairy

Some wrestlers such as The Rock and Batista have been part of some blockbuster films over the years, and it seems as though the idea that professional wrestlers can’t act is over. Even WWE Studios seems to have figured out the secret to moderate financial success.

But for every Rock or Batista flick that is released, there are a dozen’s of movies starring pro wrestlers that just plain stink.

What makes it worse is that it’s not just ones made by WWE itself!

With all the terrible movies starring WWE superstars it was difficult to pin down just 10, but here are 10 Movies starring wrestlers that were just downright awful.

#10 The Condemned – Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Condemned


Let’s face it, it’s hard not to root for Steve Austin. However, it is even harder to give The Condemned a good review.

The film pits ten convicts against each other in an illicit game of cat-and-mouse where they must fight each other to the death while the whole charade is being broadcast to a public audience.

The movie, unfortunately, was a box office disaster. It lasted just four weeks in cinemas and taking a loss of over fifteen million dollars.

Stone Cold may have been the biggest star in WWE but his cinematic impact certainly didn’t live up to the same level of success his WWE career had.

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