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The 5 most surprising departures in WWE history

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Jericho's departure sure was a surprise

While 2017 has been a successful year for the WWE, there have been a surprising number departures from the company. The most recent example of this was Chris Jericho, who recently challenged Kenny Omega at NJPW's Power Struggle.

Jericho and Omega will now be facing each other at the promotion's annual Tokyo Dome show on January 4th, 2018.

Considering that Y2J hasn't wrestled outside of WWE in over 17 years, his departure from the company has shocked more than a few. Many felt he would never wrestle outside WWE again.

Leaving Chris Jericho aside for the purposes of this article, here are the 5 most surprising departures in WWE history.

#5 Kurt Angle (2006)

Kurt Angle left WWE in 2006 and didn't return for 11 years. He signed almost immediately with TNA after leaving WWE and instantly catapulted the promotion to heights it hadn't achieved previously.

His early rivalry with Samoa Joe garnered the highest PPV buy-rates the company has ever done. While it seems ridiculous to think about now, TNA was making real strides at the time.

Angle has since attributed the rigorous WWE schedule and his frequent reliance on painkillers as reasons for his departure.

Many considered him the best in the business at the time.

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