The Great Khali deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Here's why! (Opinion)

The Great Khali is a worthy Hall of Fame candidate
The Great Khali is a worthy Hall of Fame candidate
Riju Dasgupta
Modified 11 Apr 2021

The Great Khali was one of the many WWE Hall of Fame 2021 inductees. It's a much simpler task to write an article about why he shouldn't be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but let's attempt the alternative on this particular occasion.

It's no secret that The Great Khali isn't one of the great ring-generals of our time. He's not even in the same ballpark as some of his contemporaries in the WWE Hall of Fame, even big men from the current class like Kane.

So does The Great Khali deserve to be a part of this prestigious WWE Hall of Fame class?

Yes, he does! One has to remember that the WWE Hall of Fame does not only honor the great workers, the legends who stole the show in the ring with their storytelling chops and their athletic prowess.

No, The Great Khali was a great character, who entertained millions during his WWE run. Some even laughed at his expense. From his monstrous debut to him being repackaged as the Punjabi Playboy, The Great Khali's time in WWE was filled with many great moments.

Sometimes that's all it takes to enter the WWE Hall of Fame. Whether you like it or not, The Great Khali was a big deal during his memorable run with the company. He even has a victory over The Undertaker! Several men with far less significant accolades are part of the WWE Hall of Fame.

But ultimately, WWE cares about eyeballs and the impact every move makes on its bottom-line. For The Great Khali to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame is a way to acknowledge the one billion + strong Indian market. The company has a deal with SONY in India, which broadcasts not just RAW, SmackDown, but also pay-per-views.

The viewership for RAW in India is reportedly twice that of the United States. The Great Khali being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame was a great way for the company to remind the Indian market how important they are to the company.

Unless you're from India, it is difficult to explain how big a celebrity The Great Khali is. Not only is he known for his time in WWE, but he's a mainstream figure too. He was also a contestant on Big Boss, which is the Indian version of Big Brother!

And yet, The Great Khali is not a wrestler content at sitting on his laurels. He runs an academy in India entitled CWE (Continental Wrestling Entertainment) which has produced a few stars who're currently a part of WWE!

Among them are Kavita Devi, Dilsher Shanky and Giant Zanjeer. The Great Khali's WWE run is often seen as little more than a joke by many, but the sheer impact he's had beyond the ring is just as great as his name suggests!

Published 11 Apr 2021
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