The Shield's Final Chapter Results: Shield bids farewell; Another Tag Team has last night together

The Shield bid a final farewell
The Shield bid a final farewell
Modified 22 Apr 2019
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The Shield has been one of the biggest factions in the history of WWE.

An iconic trio of modern WWE, the Shield have been part of some of the most iconic feuds and moments in the past 6 years. However, now it is all coming to an end -- an end some would even call anticlimactic.

Unhappy with his position on the WWE roster and the way that he has been booked, Dean Ambrose announced that he would not be re-signing his contract with the promotion. With his contract up at the end of April, WWE confirmed the news that Ambrose would be leaving the WWE roster once his contract was up.

With his 'last match' taking place on WWE RAW, where he got drilled through the table, there was still time for one final appearance with The Shield.

WWE promoted a final match of the Shield taking place on the Moline, Illinois Live Event called The Shield's Final Chapter.

The Live Event saw three big matches, as The Shield made their final appearance on WWE together. Here are all the results from the night.

Finn Balor vs Elias: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Finn Balor vs Elias
Finn Balor vs Elias

The show started with Elias coming out to sing a song, but was interrupted by Finn Balor.

Balor was allowed to sing with Elias, but he changed the words to make fun of Elias.

Elias assaulted Balor to get the match to start, which was for the Intercontinental Championship. Elias targeted Balor's shoulder, putting him into the turnbuckles shoulder first.

Balor was able to reverse, and chopped Elias. He then took Elias down via a Double-Foot Stomp and a Slingblade.

Elias tried a Drift Away, but was blocked -- Balor hit an Enzuigiri but had his Coup de Grace stopped. He instead hit Elias with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a 2-count. Another roll-up followed, and that was it. Balor won!

Results: Finn Balor defeated Elias and retained his Championship

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Published 22 Apr 2019
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